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Wildewitch RP Gaming Community

The Mortal Guardians

Participants in the Wildewitch RP forums must abide by Wildewitch RP's Rules and Code of Conduct which may be found here: https://wildewitch.com/rules. For questions regarding the rules or to report a violation of the rules, please don't hesitate to reach out to a Moderator or Administrator.


  1. General

    General discussions about The Mortal Guardians that don't fit in a particular category. Got a question and not sure where to ask it? Find something interesting and just want to talk about it? This is the place! (NO SPOILERS!)

  2. Storyline (Spoilers!)

    Discussions about The Mortal Guardians storyline up to the current episode. Beware spoilers!!!

  3. NPCs (Spoilers!)

    Discussions about NPCs from The Mortal Guardians.

  4. Roleplaying (Spoilers)

    Here you can write stories and share roleplaying experiences within The Mortal Guardians universe outside of gameplay sessions. Except where prohibited by the rules, there are no restrictions on the stories you may tell--even if you want to change the events, outcomes, or characters from the games! Refer to the gameplay rules for what content is restricted.

  5. The Burning Veil

    A place for discussing the Mortal Guardians The Burning Veil campaign where brave heroes fight to protect the world from a destructive force that ripped a hole in the sky and rained fire on the realms. If your thread includes spoilers, please include the [spoilers] tag in the title!

  6. Character Tracker

    Create a single thread for each of your characters and post updates with changes to backstory, gold, experience, and magic items. If you need to purchase something, post in your tracker and tag a DM. Do not post in other players' character tracking threads!


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