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Wildewitch RP Gaming Community

Roleplaying (Spoilers)

Here you can write stories and share roleplaying experiences within The Mortal Guardians universe outside of gameplay sessions. Except where prohibited by the rules, there are no restrictions on the stories you may tell--even if you want to change the events, outcomes, or characters from the games! Refer to the gameplay rules for what content is restricted.


  1. Solo Roleplay & Fanfiction

    In this forum you can write your own stories and roleplay interactions between your characters and NPCs as you desire. Want to go on a solo adventure with the Mortal Guardians and write the entire plot? Want to tell different stories about your favorite characters? This is the place!

    Always remember: while you are allowed to post in other players' threads to discuss their stories, you are not allowed to write as if you are altering or contributing their stories. If you write a story that involves another player's original character in any way, you must have their permission.

  2. Group Roleplay

    In this forum players may interact with one another in cooperative, consensual roleplay. The player who creates the thread acts as the "dungeon master" for that particular thread (with some restrictions, see below). You must have the creator's permission to post in or join a roleplay thread as a contributor, but you may post comments and discussion about the roleplay at will.

    Additional rules include the following: no pvp; if you include dice rolls, use Avrae on the Discord server; and players always retain the right to decide whether their characters are harmed in combat with enemies.


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