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6/18/2022 - Mimicry Manor

Gained 57gp and350xp from today's session

New totals

Level: 2
Experience: 350
Coin: 77gp
Magic items: None

Loot: Pearl necklace, 7 gold bracelets, 8 rings, pocket watch

Narrative: Dolar sat in a throne between two mirrors and got freaked out by barely-visible faces in the mirror who whispered at Dolar. Dolar immediately aged 7 years and their skin turned a lighter shade of green. @feywildwitchling likened it "going from a green irish beer to a Shamrock shake" lol. Party killed shadow duplicates.

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I read the character tracker introduction; properly calculated gold (20gp from background)
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6/20/2022 - Episode 2

Gained 450 XP and earned 42gp from today's session

New Totals:

Level: 2
Experience: 800
Coin: 114gp
Magic items: None

Loot: Necklace with emblems of the gods Shantae and Lathander


  • about 10 days ago, couple of girls went missing, and then more couples
    • 12 total missing
    • last one Luken - ran a shop with his sister (Shrudelar)
  • Speak with Griggy (tavern keeper, half-orc woman; Staghorned Flaggon)
    • blacksmith(Behrn) - missing son; Viat
    • Kataline - supposed to start at tavern
      • farm-folk
    • Richard - tavern regular. one of first
  • Went to speak with Behrn about his missing son
    • went missing a few nights ago
    • went to the temple; trying to join the clergy
    • never showed for supper
      • brother Vohna, sometimes dined with
        • priest at temple
  • Two and half story tall house; brother Vohna
    • found dead body of Vohna (hanged himself)
      • aligned with father Eyebohr
    • Vohna discovered something about Eyebohr
    • skeletons sent with a purpose
    • necklace of the two gods
      • pockets the necklace. tells group he will "return it" to the temple
  • back to the temple
    • no one around
    • broke into Eyebohr's office
    • found map to cave written in Eyebohr's hand
  • caves
    • Flourishing Z mark at the bottom of the letter found on the body.


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6/25/2022 - Episode 3

Gained 475 XP and earned 46gp from today's session.


New Totals:

Level: 3
Experience: 1,275
Coin: 160gp
Magic items: None


  • Missing soldiers
  • Artem provides group a rift breaker
    • Chaos decides: Ula
  • Lumenoik
    • Renaldis is contact
  • School: Arcameron Del (?)
  • see undead skelly in the field, but not a threat
  • main tower is the job
  • picked up three party members
    • twins
    • ghost
  • Dave (Davosaris)
  • Renaldis is now Cordanis
  • El and Mara join the group
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added episode number
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7/9/2022 - Side Quest: Rat Swarm

Gained 400xp and earned 105gp

New Totals:

Level: 3
Experience: 2,675xp
Coin: 258gp
Magic items: None
Item: None


Frantic woman (Malary Tridelsu) brings bag to guardians containing a bronze, gem encrusted rat statue. The woman wants it gone.  As Dolar holds onto this, and suggestions of destroying the item, the more he feels this item should be protected or returned. The vendor that sold this statue to the woman has a stand next to the graveyard. Rilvarn pays the vendor (graverobber) 1000gp to personally escort us to the location. The group is attacked by assassins where Dolar barely makes it through (1 fail, 1 success death save). Rilvarn applies a potion of healing to bring Dolar back and Dolar also takes a potion.

Dolar pulls out the rat statue trying to discern a compass effect from the statue. It pulls Dolar's feelings deeper into the catacombs to a sanctum door with two large rat status on either side of the door.  Without checking for traps, Dolar moves towards the door, depressing a floor panel where oil begins to flow from the rat statues and is ignited by their held torches. Dolar suceeds an acrobatics check and jumps out of the way. The guardians locate a lever 10 feet up on the ceiling. Dolar climbs on top of Mur-Dur and disables the trap. The group enters through the door and returns the rat statue to an old priestess who provides and writ of completion and a healing potion to each guardian. The guardians make it back to the guild hall via safe passage from the inner sanctum.

@feywildwitchling @Lochlainn

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7/23/2022 Episode 4: Finders Keepers

Gained 600XP and earned 145gp

New Totals:

XP: 4,375xp
Gold: 447gp, 3cp


  • Travelling with Mason and come upon a man with broken down cart
  • man charging 10gp each for toll
  • group not paying 10gp. initiative
  • find bit of paper in front pocket. written to Bellomog and merciful few:
    • keep path clear as was agreed. Rewarded for dispatching Mortal Guardians.
  • Nalgatura, She needs money.
  • Mason = Owengal
  • Mason sends "lovers" prayer to Nalgatura as she flies away as a falcon.
  • Cart is a Mortal Guardian cart which saw struggle and combat. Drag marks into the woods.
  • Follows Mason into the woods.
  • Dispatches two ghouls
  • meets woman "old fel" of the wood who wants the ghouls
  • inspects the ruins
  • Neri provides water walking and stealth
  • overhears conversation
    • Conductor: name rings a bell. Some sort of business man
Edited by jgeekw
added new totals
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7/23/22: Act 2 Ep. 1: All That Remains

Gained 1.850xp and earned 95pp 835gp

New Totals:

XP: 6,225
Gold: 95pp, 1,282gp, 3cp


  • Rapier 1d8
  • DC 12 vicious mockery
  • dragon-borne holding Blade searching for demon lady
    • Laurysandral Serinthir
  • Kid: Rayalis
  • captured cultists and leader and returned to guild hall 
  • void-rive substance, note
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7/30/2022: Episode 10

Gaines 2200xp and earned 20pp & 103gp

New Totals:

Level: 5
XP: 9,225xp
Gold: 255pp 134gp 103cp


  • look for crate at the Red Dragon with artifacts. looking for unbreakable vase
    • found and returned
  • Twins: El and Mara
  • Innocratese (mage)
  • Son of Athrovant Veralixian
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7/30/2022: Act 2 Episode 2: Into the Fire

Gained 1900xp and earned 95pp and 1038gp

New Toals:

Level: 5
XP: 11,125xp
Gold: 340pp 1,1272gp 102cp


  • Alexis (passenger)
  • Amon (driver)
    • they come up on cloaked group surrounding a crumpled figure
  • Cloaked figures disappear in flash of color and sends the carriage into fury
  • after crash, Alexis is captured
  • Laporean (guild master)
    • clear out safe house. full of Coven of Zul members.
  • coven has a reagent needed by Vex
  • vex, cendri, valora
  • enchanted gate at coven safehouse
    • threw copper coin over. heard it hit ground but didn't see it
    • group member dispelled magic
    • Dolar opens the gate
  • took 13 aborite creature teeth
  • inside:
    • tied up half elf noble man
    • jailor (coven)
    • mage
    • guard captain (cindervaeld)
  • mage tp'd away, mortal guardians kill jailor and guard captain
  • finds hidden door with mage and woman behind it
  • mage wants to live and leave, but threatens with transformative substance
  • scruffy lunges for woman, mage breaks and turns into abomination
  • Neri takes final blow
  • house begins to crumble
  • woman points out secret passage and we exit
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