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After a prolonged hiatus, Kal'Gar the breaker of doors and swinger of swords has returned.


Kal'Gar was born into bondage in the city of Eltabbar in Thay, the son of a nameless mother and an unknown father. As a boy, he was thrown face-first into the harsh and rowdy backstreets of the city. He survived on the merits of his strength and his willpower, and his ferocity lead to his recruitment as an enforcer for one of the city's many smugglers. During his time as a bruiser and brawler, Kal developed a love for fighting. He began to feel most alive in the heat of battle, and the glory and praise he gained for his feats from his comrades and superiors bought him deep satisfaction. As years passed, Kal's thirst for battle and blood continued to grow, until he became too reckless for his patron's tastes. It had been a while since Kal had had a truly exhilarating fight, thieves and guardsmen he could overpower with ease. Kal left the smugglers in search of a new challenge, with a strong albeit vague goal in mind; to find an opponent he could fight to his heart's content.

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Kal'Gar is a male half-orc, standing 6' 2", weighing over 200lbs. He has thick, dark green skin, marred and covered with marks and scars, a living tapestry of his battles. He has light green eyes, and thick dark hair knotted and pulled into a tight braid atop his head. He carries a greatsword across his back, a sword that has seen quite a bit of damage, scratched, dented and oddly melted in some places. A rope drapes across his throat, holding the minotaur skull he carries on his back (and sometimes on his head). 

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Stock, Stats, Inventory

PP: 0

GP: 814

SP: 0

CP: 0

EXP: (3,275/6,500) (level 4)


Adamantine Half-Plate




Minotaur Skull Helmet

Backpack containing: 

Potion of Healing x4

Bed Roll

Goblin Clan Patch (Big Weasel Clan)

Goblin Clan Patch (Meat Hack Clan)

Direwolf Meat x2

Direwolf Pelt x2

Mess Kit


Rope (50 ft)

Torch x2 





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