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Dolar's Level 3 Magic Item

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After a victorious battle, Dolar begins the journey back to the Mortal Guardians guild hall...

On the road home, Dolar is greeted by a hooded, cloaked individual. The witch-like voice says,
"We've been watching you with great interest." "We?", asks Dolar inquisitively.  "Yes. We are a collective
of overseers assigned each an adventurer such as yourself.  Occasionally, we provide a useful item
to assist you on the many adventures you will have."

The cloaked overseer reaches into their robe and reveals a simple leather pouch. Dolar watches as
the figure's hand reaches deep into the pouch, the entire forearm seemingly disappearing into the pouch.
"Ah, here we are," says the overseer, and pulls out a single steel needle and offers it to Dolar.

Confused by this small, seemingly insignificant item, asks "What good use will a needle provide me? I can sew and 
already carry a tinker's set with me." The overseer chuckles. "This is no ordinary needle.  This is a magical needle which
creates an intricate, magical, tattoo on your body.  All you need to do is pick a point on your body and hold the needle there.
The ink will flow from the needle to produce an intricate tattoo on your skin. Once complete the needle becomes part of the tattoo."

"Just a tattoo? Does it DO anything?" inquires the adventurer. "I'm so glad you asked," beams the figure! "During combat, and while the
tattoo is on your skin, you can cause the tattoo to extrude into inky tendrils, which reach for a creature you can see near you. The creature may
attempt to best the tendrils or take great force damage and be grappled by you. The creature can try escaping the grapple, but it probably
will fail. The grapple also ends if you halt it (but why would you??). Don't let it move further away, or it breaks free."

"SICK!" Exclaims Dolar, as they examine the magical item. "I'll have to give this a go as soon as I get back to the guild hall. Thank you!"
Dolar looks up to thank the overseer and sees no one in sight....

After reaching the guild hall, Dolar finds a quiet place at a table near the back corner of the hall and pulls out the needle. 
The Verdan looks around to see if anyone is watching.  After no notice, Dolar holds the needle in their right hand and presses the needle against
the skin of the left forearm.

Just as the overseer said, black ink seemingly melts away from the needle and begins to produce the image of several Wyverns which begin to
wrap around the canvas of Dolar's pale green skin.  Dolar is shocked and amazed to see the beautiful, intricate design form onto their forearm.

The needle fades away into the arm just as the mysterious overseer stated. "I can't wait to see what this thing does!"

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