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Gor'hath Shatterskull


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Gor'hath is the Son of Chief Gundard Shatterskull of the Shattered Skull Tribe, one of the many tribes that have sworn fealty to King Many Arrows.  As tribal tradition, when a chief has decided to step down, those who would try to claim the title of Chief must go out into the world and prove themselves worthy.  Gor'hath has shown himself to be one of the mightiest warriors in the tribe, but now must go out into the world and learn about other tribes and cities, he was tasked to learn about more tactical warfare instead of just the brute force of his barbarian tribe.  2 other members of the tribe have also began their journey to prove themselves worthy, and may end up trying to kill or cause Gor'hath to concede his claim to the throne.  This journey is to take 5 years to complete, and whichever one returns with the best stories of their conquests and can prove themselves worthy will be the next tribal Chief.

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