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Tenayl, the cat-ear wearing ranger


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Tenayl was an 8 year old when they stumbled across the plane of the Fey. They don't remember much about how they got into it, but they were there. And alone. Panicking, worrying, and stressed they fall onto the ground stricken. Though after only 10 minutes of weeping the creatures of the Fey decided to take pity on the young one. For a decade they were under the creatures of the Fey's guidance, learning more about survivability and maturity. However, they were sent back to their own plane of existence when they reached the age of 18. Tenayl was saddened about this event, though the Fey creatures had already prepared them mentally for this crisis. It wasn't a sudden expel, it was more of the feeling of waking up for them. However, things got muddled when they crossed into their home plane. Tenayl couldn't recall much about the Fey world, other than the skills that they have learnt there. However, the connection to that world still remains within them. Nowadays, they usually get lost with the feeling of a tug to that world, becoming distracted and focused on something distant. Whether it be recalling an old memory of that world, or seeing flickers of the different plane through this old connection, they are changed now. Tenayl lives in the forest they emerged out of, surviving off of the skills they posses, and always one day wanting to revisit the creatures who have raised them. Wandering around, they met an elf who had likewise gotten lost into the Fey world, though for a considerably shorter time than themself. Having used some elven tongue before, learning the language didn't take long. Traditions from both races were shared, as well as Tenayl gaining a longbow from the elf as a gift, before the elf set off to return to their kingdom.

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Spent: 70 GP upgrading their zamfopplushie to be enhanced with magical essence for 70 GP
New total: 2181 GP
Common magic items include:
Jaspurr (Plushy)
Bottle of Boundless coffee
Medal of the Horizonback x3
Everbright Lantern (Unless the Lantern shield thing has gotten approved, still waiting)
Lantern of Tracking (Undead)
Potion of Healing
Arrows of Walloping x10

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Spending 50 gp to re enchant a medal of horizon-back
Gave 100 gp to a NPC for a side quest

Gained 22 gp from the quest

Gold total: 2053

Gained 350 xp
Total xp: 9776


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Payed 10 Gp to buy and drink a whole bottle of good stuff
Gained 46 Gp from quest
A fee of 500 Gp to make Tenayl come back to life as they died
Penalty of -4 to rolls which diminish per long rest
Total Gp: 3896

Gained 300 xp
Total xp: 13876

Amount of times Tenayl got drunk: 3
Total count of deaths: 1
Current Penalty after update: -3, long rested this time

@feywildwitchling @Lochlainn

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Payed 2 Gp to have another drunk Tenayl moment
Gained 30 PP
Gained 1000 Gp
Total: 60 PP, 4886 Gp

Gained 1500 Xp
Total Xp: 15376
(LEVEL 6!!!!!)

Magic item added: Cloak of Protection
Amount of times Tenayl got drunk: 4
Current Penalty: -2 (Whoops kind of forgot about that bit, unless a level up removes that condition, no idea how this one works)

@feywildwitchling @Lochlainn

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Forgot to add the mentions
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