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Theo, Rogue "Knowledge Thief"


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Level: 1
Experience: 0
Coin: 0 pp, 25 gp, 20 sp, 15 cp
Magic items: None

Note - Removed the following equipment from the Rogue's starting equipment and Burglar's Pack, exchanging them for an equivalent amount of currency.

  • 1x Short Bow - 25 GP
  • 3x Ration (1 Day) - 15 SP
  • 20x Arrows - 10 SP
  • 500x Ball Bearings - 5 SP
  • 2x Pitons - 10 CP
  • 5x Candles - 5 CP
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Background - Knowledge Thief

Theodric was a precocious child, born to a poor family, ever curios about the world and its ways but unable to get any sense of formal education other than basic math and reading. While growing up Theo was taken under the wing of a local gang with the promise of money, food, and, most importantly to him, books. They taught him how to line their pockets with coin at no risk to themselves and they would provide meager returns, not that that bothered the young boy. During a rather routine break-in Theo came upon a book, one that was best left unopened. But to a young man starved of knowledge and yearning for any form of literature it was hard to pass up, taking it with him but keeping it hidden away to read away from the gang. Upon opening the tomes pages something took hold of Theodric, not that he was aware of it, and from then onward this thing seemed to guide the unaware child further in his pursuits as it too was searching for something. During his teenage years Theodric only upped the ante when it came to his thieving as his hidden ally, never speaking but always pushing, urged him to take more risks and find what it was looking for. Nothing was off limits, breaking into anywhere that could hold literature of old whether it was arcane or historical works, maps, or anything that piqued his interest in knowing until inevitably his luck stopped holding out. Caught taking arcane items from a castles court wizard, Theo was sentenced to nearly a decade in prison and remained there until recently. Now released from his sentence Theo's desire has only grown to a near insatiable level, as has his silent benefactors, for better or for worse.

Description -

Theo is a younger half-elf, unassuming at first glance. He has muted gray-brown hair, leaning more towards gray, and a short well-kept beard that masks his more elf-like jawline. His eyes are a purple that in a certain light may be pink and in others a deep violet. Theo's ears a more human-like but still sport a more angular end. His skin is an almost extreme pale white, it is uncertain to those around him whether this is Theo's natural color or a lack of sunlight causing it. His overall body is on the leaner side, not a stick but definitely not someone that can take more than a few good punches Theo is on the taller side for a half-elf being 6'3 which for his line of work is a tool and also a hinderance. His fashion is generally bland, simple clothes that can be easily worn underneath armor and nothing that would cause issues while evading nosy people.

Edited by Arizona
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