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Innore the Wood Elf Ranger (any advice on how to revise is welcome)


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Innore grew up in a middle class family of Wood Elves. As a child he dreamed of becoming the most famous hunter and archer in the history of their tribe. His passion for glory kept him out of social circles and constantly training, which on the surface he was okay with but deep down longed for friends. His passion and desire for greatness never faded as he grew. He spent his time studying the art as well as the environment and creatures around him. Once he reached his mid 50s he moved out of his home town to study other cultures and environments. Innore would spend a few years in each region learning their culture. In that time he would make friends and work in breweries using his knowledge of vegetation and the environment to push the boundaries of what was offered in attempt to make a name for himself,  but his hatred for complacency would send him to a new lands and away from the friends he would make. Over time Innore began to avoid attachment to people in the lands he visited to avoid the pain of loosing people close to him. The pain of loosing people that were close to him made him numb to his emotions and hesitant to open up to people making him seem cold and unwelcoming. This brings us to current day, Innore thirsty as ever for success and glory. 



Innore is a younger elf compared to their lifespans. He is tall for his race with a very athletic build because of all his time training. His body is lean muscle but not bulky due to his quick and evasive skills. Innore has a rounder head shape compared to most wood elves with smaller elven ears. His copper skin tone adds to his green eyes and silver hair usually braided in the front and wrapped around the sides of his head. His clothes are in good shape, some better than others. It is clear he has used it but not tattered or damaged. Innore is constantly making repairs and changes to his clothes and gear in attempt to make himself the slightest bit better even though this can sometimes take steps backwards. 


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it looks like you missed out on picking proficiencies! if you havent selected a background that would matter too! they both would lend to helping with skill checks! 


my best recommendation is to think about what the character would be good at, and applying the closest proficiency to the class, you should have 2-3 more from your class, and another 2 or so from a background! feel free to message me on the discord if you need any help!

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