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After Cameron and the others left Red Dragon Falls, a few days went by before an envelope is dropped off at the Mortal Guardians Guild Hall for Cameron. Inside, there is a letter and an essay. 

"Dear Cameron,
I haven't received a sending from you, and I guess I understand why. I was shocked to see you there. And your friends, at least I think they were your friends. I know that some of the guards get a bad rep -- brutal to a fault, sometimes fatalities. I hope you know that isn't me. I was doing my job, but it does come with some violence. Just enough to subdue. 
Anyways, just know that this essay is an apology. It's an interesting read on how some wizards have been able to modify the formula of simple magics to interchange different elemental damages. Let me know what you think.

ps. Thank you for the potion. 
pps. You can reply to this message."

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Cameron has very few connections outside of the mortal guardians, so having a letter dropped off at the guild was a very rare occurrence.


She read the letter over and over - skimmed the essay a few times too. While she does not understand the extent of her partner's work, the last thing she'd want is for Randal to feel at fault. Contracts can be very confining.

Wanting to resolve any tension as soon as possible - Cameron collected her thoughts and cast Sending

"Hey! I appreciate the essay. I've heard of sorcerers transmuting their spells, but I had no idea it was possible for wizards."

Knowing that she was running out of words, Cameron quickly recast the spell before Randal could reply

"It was a super shitty coincidence that we ran in to each other on the job. I don't blame you for what happened."

"Stupid f***cking word limit" Cameron muttered to herself as she recast the spell

"I know that you know that you're working for some terrible people, and I hope you'll be done with this soon. Stay Safe! Love you!"

As Cameron waited for a reply, she could only hope that Artem did not send her on a job today, how was she going to explain her lack of spells?

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