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7/15/2022 - Side Quest: Winging it

Gained 500xp and earned 40gp

New Totals:

Level: 2
Experience: 500xp
Coin: 44gp, 2sp, 22cp
Magic items: None
Item: Crystal Ring (Arcane Focus)

  • Located The Skilled Pig tavern
  • Find the mayor past the main road past the shops
  • Played with Not Chickens (Zombie Nuggets)
  • Played with Not Doggie
  • Hid from everything
  • P.S. Don't eat the stew
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7/16/2022 - E08 - A Dance with Devils

Gained 1500xp and earned 1000gp

New Totals:

Level: 3
Experience: 2000xp
Coin: 1044gp, 2sp, 22cp
Magic items: None
Item: None

  • Helped kill 4 infernal? Doggies, 2 Infernal Bounty Hunters, 1 Stone Gateguard
  • Met Guild leader Artim(AKA Guild Daddy), Ponte, Mort(sp).
  • Completed task with Rilvarn (kind of too tightly wound), Dohan ( Not wound tightly enough), and Blaze (Is just darling and deadly) 🙂
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Purchased the following:

a small Bronze brazier 5gp
Charcoal, Herbs, Incense 20gp
Wire Cane 5gp

Tinkered onto the wire cane a drawing of my face and a loose mouth because nobody can see at the bar to order a drink and food 😞



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Special Episode: Flames of the Seventh Mountain, Part 1: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Woken up from a donut dream Jelly of course

Fought With:

Youngtax and the rest of the gang came down because of the commotion.

Help kill some baddies

Kept an Old man alive for a bit (I gave Him a Donut they fix all things)

El (sp) did a transport thing YUCK!!!




XP -- 3700 LVL 4




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