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Who Is Grmic Gripspark


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Who Is Grmic Gripspark?

Standing before you, for some below you a small figure in a hooded Dark brown cloak with some mottled green coloration. peeking out from the hood is a wispy Grey Fu Manchu like mustache with accompany goatee each with beaded stones threaded on to them.

The cloak is clasped with the small bronze looking scorpion, in his left boot is what looks to be a thick knitting needle with a guard, on his right hip is a rapier that is looking a bit worse for wear.

Attached to his lightly studded tooled leather chest piece is a hand crossbow.

If you are low enough to see his face you see such light pale blue eyes that you think? "Is he blind".

Bushy gray hair with a streak of black on the left temple, A passive looking but stern looking face.

But then he speaks "HI I'm Grmic".

And the first thing to pop into your mind is 3 kobolds wearing a large cloak trying to buy ale from the senile barkeep down the road.


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