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The downtime of Tenayl


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Prologue: Pt. 1
    Each droplet of rain echoed throughout the town as it fell across the gravel pathways. In the midst of the downpour, a man stood. One hand shielded his eyes from the rain as his gaze lay upon on a large uninhabited plot of land. He felt the water slide down his outstretched arm and drip onto the ground beneath him, disheveling his boots. Mud squelched underneath as he neared the centre of the land. Though his wear got dirtied, he didn't mind; far more concerning matters were present.
    Sir Marcos Benidalle. That was his name. He was a scholar, well-known and trusted throughout the lands. With multiple noble houses funding his motives, Marcos could have easily created what could have been the largest and most prestigious school in history. Yet, that wasn't his goal. Being a scholar was to study, and then share that knowledge to students to pass on. Teaching it to others is practically straightforward and limited. His way was idealy going to sidestep that process and allow potentionally limitless knowledge to be sharead to practically everyone for free, and only a simple jog away. 
    "Sir Benidalle!" A voice called from behind him, piercing through his many thoughts and drawing Marcos's attention away from the magical land of thinking. "Sir Benidalle!" That voice repeated again, Marcos having not answered the first call.
    "It's Marcos. First name basis," He snapped, turning around sharply. His feet slid accross the mud as he spun, facing whom he presumed to be a messanger of one of the noble houses. The boy's clothing said it all: from the gem embued tunic to the cloak made of way too damned many rare materials. With the downpour of rain getting heavier by the moment he had to squint his eyes to make out the of the crest of the boy.
    "S-sorry sir," the young voice responded back. "I was... was sent to deliver you a-a message!"
     As the boy opened their mouth to speak again, concerned as to why he didn't answer, Marcos waved his hand forward. 
    "Go on," he said to the boy, adding a nod to his gesture. 
    "Well, uhh. My fathe- I mean, Sir Kraizen's message is that the... the plot has been purchased, and-" The kid stopped there, shaking his head. He pulled out a slip of paper that immediately got drenched by the rain.
    Marcos sighed, and gave a small chuckle at the distressed messenger. Clearly the boy had never done this type of errand before.
    "Don't worry. I'll pay Kraizen a small visit, lead the way will you?" 
    An audible sigh of relief could be heard from the kid as he fixed his cloak. 
    "I'll lead you to him right away, sir." With that the kid turned around and walked off in a brisk pace. 
    The brisk pace continued as Marcos kept up, pacing by many houses ranging from simple cabins made of logs to stone structure made of rock. Throughout this quick paced walk, he had enough time to ponder what the other part of the message was, and why a noble would send their own son instead of one of the employed messangers. 

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