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Dolar's Level 6 Magic Item


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Returning from an exhausting quest, Dolar sits in the Guild Hall with the other adventurers and ponders the adventure from which the party just returned. As they reach down to brush off any remaining stone dust covering their Monks garb, a whiff of sulfur enters Dolar's nostrils. Concerned, Dolar quickly gets up from the seat and begins scanning the hall while standing atop the table to get a better view. A hooded, cloaked figure is spotted by the Monk, staring towards the adventurer. Dolar finds it odd that no one else notices the figure as adventurers are entering and exiting the hall.  As Dolar quickly dismounts the tabletop, the figure turns around and leaves the doorway. The small Monk dashes across the Guild Hall and makes their way through the entrance onto the streets of Wintervaeld.

Darting their yellow eyes across the busy streets, Dolar catches a glimpse of the hooded figure turning a corner of a building. Dolar notices, what looks to be, a large reddish reptilian tail peaking from underneath the figures black robes. The monk races down the street and rounds the corner running straight at the cloaked, hooded figure. "Who are you, and why were you just watching me in the guild hall? And why can anyone else not see you?!"

The hooded figure begins to speak in an odd language, "Yth tepoha widegoada ekess thesek dout..." The figure stops mid-sentence as they notice the perplexed look stretching across Dolar's face. "My apologies adventurer. We are still learning our assignments."

"We," Dolar asks?

"Did not another offer you a gift previously?"

"I see," Dolar's expression changes into understanding, "you are from the collective of overseers." The figure nods with recognition. "And you're also...a dragon...or some type of dragonborn? I saw your tail."

"The faults of my kind. It does get in the way sometimes...but, we are not here to talk about me..."

"Is that why I smelled sulfur in the Guild Hall?" interrupts Dolar.

"You looked deep in concentration. I had to get your attention somehow." As the figure speaks a strong smell of sulfur emanates from within his cloak and two trails of smoke flow from where his face would be like streams of water over the falls. "Your Ki is growing and the collective has noticed. We have procured another relic for your adventure. I was chosen to deliver this gift to you."

From within the dark cloak, two dragon-like claws outstretch holding a somewhat wide belt, approximately five inches at the widest part, then tapering a bit, with a silver clasp at one end. Thick scales overlap each other down the length of the belt.

"This, young Monk, is a Dragonhide Belt. It will assist you during battle. And, since you enjoy manipulating Ki, the belt can assist in regaining a portion of your Ki, allowing you to strike longer and possibly harder."

Dolar reaches out and takes hold of the leathery belt and examines it's fine craftsmanship. "But, why you?" Dolar asks inquisitively. "Why me, what?" responds the draconic figure. "It's very odd receiving a relic made from the very same hide of your kind," says Dolar.  "Did you know the dragon from whence this belt was crafted?" asks Dolar.

The hooded draconic being folds arms back within the dark cloak and takes a step backwards into the shadows. "I did.  He was like a brother to me. We fought side by side in many battles and slain evil wherever we went.  He was a Monk just like you. As he lay bleeding in my arms, he told me to honor him in death just as he had in life.  He said 'Use my hide and craft it into useful items and share him with the world'. He took his final breath there on the battlefield. I never got to tell him goodbye."

A large single tear falls from the void of the cloak into the dirt between Dolar and the figure.  "I believe this warriors wisdom in the ways of the Monk is what empowers the belt I crafted, to give you the strength to vanquish your enemies. Now go, wear it with pride and honor the one who sacrificed himself for your glory."

As the figure is speaking, a cloud of smoke rises from underneath the cloak, consuming the figure. And as the final words are spoken, the cloaked draconic being disappears into the shadows.

Dolar wraps the belt around their waist and clasps it in the back, speaking into the air "I will do as you wish." After these words, Dolar drops to one knee, crosses a fisted arm across their Monk's robes, and with closed eyes, prays.... "Great dragon Monk of yonder days, your battles were for naught and your strength lives on through me. Grant me now the wisdom and power to rid the world of darkness and evil."

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