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Alivarax Jerynomonis, the Dragonborn Monk

Miss Ai

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Backstory: Growing up, Alivarax (goes by Ali for short) had a normal childhood. When she looks back on those days, there's nothing too special about her home life. She had friends, parents who didn't expect much from her and showed her just enough love, and was respected in her community for being a well-behaved child. On her 13th birthday, the unimaginable happened. Ali doesn't remember most of it herself. All she remembers is gathering around the fire just before midnight to ring in her birthday, as was tradition where she grew up. The next thing she knew, it was sunrise. She was standing in front of the fire. As the rays of light beamed out from the horizon, she looked down to see coppery crust all over her hands and splattered down her tunic. Shaking, head spinning, Ali looked around to see a dozen bodies scattered around the fire. Only one was still breathing. Ali's mother. "You monster!" she cried, trying to push herself backwards away from Ali, blood dried all over her face. "You're not my daughter!" Not knowing what else to do, Ali turned and ran into the forest. She doesn't know how long she was running for. For the past 10 years, she hasn't truly stopped running. Now that she's in Wintervaeld, Ali decides that her past is far enough behind her that she can settle for a moment. Through these years of reflection, she's resolved to make up for her wrongdoings by extinguishing evil with the Mortal Guardians guild. But growing up alongside vagabonds, scrounging for scraps, didn't exactly instil a "lawful" sense of righteousness in her. Ali is charging through her missions fists-first, verbal quips hitting has heavy as her punches. She hopes that investigating the darkness in this world will give her clues about the darkness hiding within herself. 

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-------------------------------September 10, 2022-------------------------------

Gained 35gp and 300xp from today's session! 

New Totals

Level: 2
Experience: 300
Coin: 38gp, 3sp, 3cp

----------------------------------Rats in the Basement---------------------------------

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