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8 hours ago, Lochlainn said:

What happened in the warehouse???

To sum up the highlights
- Had two wizards and a druid be the vanguard, have them then blow up the inside of the warehouse
- Had our rogue get high off of Feywild Honey, roll every attack at disadvantage yet somehow hit every attack in the session
- Our ranger chill and watch this all happen
- Said Druid and Wizard from before, get hit and one of them downed out by a friendly spell 
- Oh I forgot to mention the Wizard with the Druid reduced their size to fit in the Druids backpack and when he lost concentration tore the backpack apart when returning back to his size and spider walked backwards to run away.
- Stick armed Druid had a boxing match with the Father Ivore look alike 
- The rogue and two wizards accidentally hiding behind the same box in a single combat
- When the carnage was all over almost everyone in the party being chaotic individuals ran away from Waterdeep Guards in hilarious fashion, leaving behind the Ranger who greeted the Guards while reading a book on botany. 

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