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The First Community Quest! (Parts 4-5 of 5)


Vote for your favorite parts of the quest! (Parts 4-5 of 5)   

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  1. 1. What skill challenge must we overcome?

    • Safely enter the Six Hells and reach the intended destination!
    • A puzzle that requires teamwork, roleplay, and combat!
    • Traps, traps, and more traps--with a mix of puzzles!
    • Survive a pocket fey realm that is a brewhouse of horrors including a lake of beer!
  2. 2. Who will help us on this quest?

    • Lainn is a charismatic half-elf rogue and bard known in the underworld as “Locksmith”. There is no door or lock that he can’t bypass--whether magically or physically protected. Lainn is always listening, though you will only see him when he desires to be seen!
    • Fayte is a half-elf druid and Lainn’s partner who cleans up Lainn’s messes and saves his hide (most of the time).
    • Artem, guildmaster of the Mortal Guardians in Wintervaeld
    • Mason, spymaster of the Mortal Guardians in Wintervaeld
    • Blewd is a shorter-than-average troll who just wants to brew his liquors in peace--and maybe secure buyers and a distribution network. He’s currently struggling with the devious fey brewing crew that has overtaken his operation.

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