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Phira's Letters to Mother


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Eternal Matron of my Heart and Soul,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. My thoughts are ever with you and my motivations will always be to make you proud on this journey you set me upon.

I found the Mortal Guardians guild that you sent me to and they welcomed me with open arms. I am already regarded as their most powerful and talented magic user, which I am sure is of no surprise to you. The accommodations are less than desirable and the company can be at times wild and intrusive but, as you said, it will build character. 

My first assignment was an exceptional challenge but I led my elite and experienced team into the mouth of danger and escaped with barely a scratch. We faced an unending tide of demons but we stood our ground and rescued the nobles that had been abducted.  The bards are already writing tales of our bravery and the songs will be sung for eternity. 

I will continue carrying your light in my heart and will make you proud - I swear it

Your greatest and most faithful creation,


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My Amazing Magical Matriarch,

I hope this letter finds you well and in comfort. I long for the day that I have proven myself and may come home and once again feel your motherly embrace. 

The Mortal Guardians once again tasked me to courageously lead my companions against the forces of evil in the world. Innocent townsfolk were being dragged from their homes into the night by unknown assailants. I bravely led yet another elite force of adventurers in pursuit of these scoundrels and found that the city's clergy had become corrupted by what seemed to be a dimensional rift. Thankfully, we only suffered inconsequential casualties as we yet again snatched victory from an otherwise hopeless struggle.

I dedicate each day to making you proud and bringing myself one step closer to home.

The second greatest wizard on this plane,


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Surrogate to the World's Deliverance,

My magical power continues to grow but is still a sliver of your greatness.

My latest mission led me to a run down and decrepit school that was once a shining example of education to novice wielders of the arcane arts. The defiled grounds were infested with all manners of vile undead and demons. We rescued helpless students and even gained the allegiance of a ghostly apparition of another recently slain scholar. We battled through the corridors, the classrooms, libraries, and lecture halls before vanquishing a corrupted archmage in catastrophic  combat. Yet, somehow I prevailed by my skill and wits alone. For my victory, the survivors of the school declared they would rename the school in my name and erect a statue of my glorious visage to commemorate my victory. 

I hope the gods continue to smile upon you,


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A1 Ep. 4

To the Supreme Wizard of our Age

My latest assignment took me away from our home city and into the countryside on a heroic rescue mission to retrieve one of our captured comrades from the depths of a wicked stronghold. I led my companions in the search and in our initial skirmish, I found myself connected to a new companion of mine. We each launched spell after spell, crippling our enemies, and bettered one another because of it. We shared casual banter even amidst the battle and found ourselves in sync as we successfully won the initial engagement of the mission mainly with our arcane prowess.

I then discovered the path to their base of operations in a thick enchanted forest. We struggled through the challenges in the woods but managed to locate our query once we slew a pair of grotesque void beings that had been stalking us. The keep’s sentries were caught by surprise and I rushed in with my allies at my back. Inside we found even more fearsome enemies. A horrific battle took place and victory was teetering on a knife’s edge. At a critical moment, I saw my new companion fall after a vicious blow from a gargantuan creature wielding the largest axe I could even practically imagine. I knew I had to act or the rest of my companions could fall as well.

I noticed that the walls of the keep were crumbling and knew I had to do something perilous. I know that you always taught caution but the situation was growing more dire by the second. I summoned all the power I had left and simultaneously brought much of the keep down around us while also shielding all my companions including the one that had been captured. Our enemies were crushed and we won the day.

I hope that future missions from the guild do not require me to walk the treacherous line of self-destruction. My only desire is to one day return to your side.

Yours always


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A1 Ep. 5

My First and Truest Love,

I’ve somehow become embroiled in a war between two factions within the city.

Our leaders dispatched me at the head of an elite scout unit tasked with locating information. Bravely, I led the team deep into a dark forest and discovered a mass grave. Other members of my team were aghast at the sight but I alone held my composure. We freed a captive and I urged my team to press forward in the hopes of saving more innocent lives.

We came upon a devilish hideout and managed to free several others. They praised me for their release but I humbly explained we were only there to help right the wrongs of the world. We pushed deeper into the dark lair and expelled the wicked commander from this plane. This was the spark that ignited the war and I was proud to be the one to light it.

I serve the world in your name and will forever make you proud.

Your dearest son,


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A1 Ep. 6.

My Inspirational Idol

I found myself sent upon a mission vital to the operations of our noble guild here in the port city. Upon completion of the task, my team and I returned to our base of operations. Whilst I was away, our foes launched a surprise attack against us. Surely, they had learned that me, our greatest champion, had been deployed and exploited such a weakness.

I led a heroic counter charge against a horde of vile assassins that had nearly wiped out our entirely guild. Dozens fell before me as I unleashed an arcane torrent that might even impress you, my dearest mother. Before we could end the onslaught, the dastardly invaders ripped open an interdimensional portal and I had no choice but to pursue my ally that had fallen into the darkness.

Now Mother, I know what you must be thinking. You’ve always told me to never wander into unknown interdimensional portals until I’ve perfected more of my arcane skills but I had no choice. The heroic urges within pushed me forwards. Upon landing, I determined that we had arrived in Vaelda Umbra. Other allies had come with me and began to panic. I managed to rally everyone’s moral and led everyone singlehandedly back to the portal where we traveled home. They were lucky to have me.

I will avoid future interdimensional portals, if possible, per your invaluable teachings.

Please do not be cross with me – someone needed to save their poor souls and it fell to me.

I hope you never felt my love waiver even across the planes.


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