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Orion Silvanus

Ion orb

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Orion was born in the fey wilds to a well respected family of elves as customary he learned to defend himself and even participated in some tournaments. in one of them he was fighting and losing as a earthquake suddenly erupted, everyone was panicking as those are rear in the fey wilds and a rift open right on Orion and just like that he was forced into the shadowfell. for what seemed forever he wandered alone and at the adge of death his skin and eyes turned grey with every step he took until he collapsed unable to move, at this state the raven queen had shone herself to him and gave him her blessing. when he woke up he found out he had some strange power keeping him alive and surprisingly he was no longer in the shadowfell in fact he had been kicked to "earth" confused with bearly any memories he train to control his powers and see where he his.

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