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Ahlysaaria Vrinn (and Clink!)

Ahlysaaria Vrinn

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Session 1

  • Ahlysaaria Vrinn is a drow Artificer (Level 1).
  • She is a tinkerer. No matter what she is doing, she is also always tinkering with something at the same time.
  • She constantly makes things for people, but before giving it to them, she takes it back and says "No, wait. I'm not finished with it."
  • I forget which episode this was, but it may have been a side quest.
    • There was a fake Artem involved and some shenanigans with fellow Mortal Guardians stealing rift breakers.
  • At the end of this session, Ahlysaaria levelled up!

Session 2

  • Being a Level 2 Artificer, Ahlysaaria learns 4 different Infusions. She can use 2 Infusions at a time.
    • She uses the Repeating Shot infusion on her crossbow, making it magical (+1) and meaning she doesn't need to worry about ammo
    • She uses the Homunculus Servant infusion to create a tiny metal dragon companion that she named Clink.
      • In order to do this, she purchased a crystal worth 100 gp which she used for Clink's heart
      • He is usually found riding on her shoulder and has a personality/temperament similar to a cat
  • I also don't remember which episode this was, but the party travelled to the Feywild to convince the Springinds to start a fight with the Fomorians, so that Red Caps would spring forth from the bloodshed and wreak havoc on some baddies in the mortal realm.

Session 3

  • In between Sessions 2 and 3, Ahlysaaria buys a staff which she intends to use an an Arcane Focus. She drops the Repeating Shot Infusion and replaces it with the Enhanced Arcane Focus Infusion. This gives her a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls (and is able to ignore half cover when making a spell attack)
  • I can't remember which episode this was, but the party met a dragonborn ghost knight who eventually pledged service to them after they helped him fight off a demon who had recently slain a bunch of cultists
    • While fighting a few cultists that they encountered outside the crypt, Ahlysaaria accidentally catapulted a rock through their companion, a ghost, and so she found a scrap of loose fabric in the bottom of the row boat she was in and tinkered with it until it read "I'm so sorry!!". She then had Clink fly over to their ghost friend and wave the fabric in front of him.
  • They found a shellshocked young teen in the crypt and their ghost friend stayed with him while they joined the dragonborn knight ghost to fight the demon. Ahlysaaria left Clink with the comatose boy as sort of an emotional-support-homunculus.
  • After this session, Ahlysaaria levelled up!
    • At level 3, she chose the Armourer subclass, with Infiltrator specialization
      • She gains proficiency with heavy armour
      • She always knows the Magic Missile and Thunderwave spells
      • She can use Faerie Fire 1/LR (drow magic)
      • She can turn any suit of armour into Arcane Armour
        • She buys Splint and sells her scale
        • She can ignore strength requirements for armour
        • She can use her Arcane Armour as her spellcasting focus
        • The armour can't be removed against her will and expands to cover her entire body (can retract or deploy helmet as a BA)
        • If she loses a limb, the armour will replace the missing limb and it will function as a normal limb
        • Can doff or don the Arcane Armour as an action
      • She has a Lightning Launcher on her armoured left fist
      • Her walking speed increases by 5 ft (to 35 ft total)
      • She has advantage on stealth checks (unless armour imposes disadvantage, at which point the cancel out)
    • She swaps out the Enhanced Arcane Focus Infusion for the Enhanced Defense Infusion, which gives her a +1 to AC - her AC is now 18 (without a shield)
  • She also bought a rapier (stowing her staff and 2 daggers for the timebeing). Her weapons onhand are her trusty crossbow and newly purchased rapier.

Session 4

  • (This is where my note-taking begins)
  • Session Played: Episode 1: Rats in the Cellar
  • Ahlysaaria pegged this on the Guild Master's second, right from the get-go
  • Clink revelled in all the charred rats from the swarm in the bar
  • While travelling through the sewers, she tied a handkerchief around her neck and tinkered with it until a floral scent continuously emanated from it, to help reduce the awful from the sewers
  • Ahlysaaria put her newfound arcane powers to good use and Thunderwaved a bunch of giant rats to death, their corpses being blasted backwards. She also ambushed another giant rat by using her lightning launcher to incinerate it
  • She attempted to help an injured thieves guild member, but is clearly more used to working on her tinkerings, than on other people...
  • She had a rat thrown at her, Clink was very excited by this and, as a result, Ahlysaaria was behind the 8 ball a bit on initative
  • During the battle with the ratman, Clink flew up to the 2 captives and removed their gags

Session 5

  • Session Played: Act 1 Episode 2: My Brother's Keeper
  • Ahlysaaria holds onto the Rift Breaker given to the party by Artem "just in case" (it's a magical tinkering, it's kinda her jam).
  • The travel 3 days to the town of Anlaine. People have been going missing. The group talks to the village maester and the temple priest.
  • They interview the blacksmith (whose son was one of those that disappeared)
  • They interview the tavern keeper, and also stop for lunch.
  • They investigate Brother Vonna's house and encounter a door mimic. Ahlysaaria misses widely with her lightning launcher and thinks that the wine at lunch may have been stronger than she had thought...
  • They encounter some skeletons on the second floor and Ahlysaaria takes down 2.
  • They track the priest to the caverns and confront him.
  • While the others are battling Father Ibor and the spectres, Ahlysaaria rushes forward towards the Rift. She stands just outside its reach and throws the Rift Breaker, but misses. The Rift Breaker lands close to the Rift itself. She rushes into the influence of the Rift and is about to collapse from the necrotic, force, and lightning damage, but rays of healing light wash over her and she says on her feet. She picks up the Rift Breaker and tosses it into the Rift, closing it.
  • She gains 48 PP and 672 GP.
    • She buys Plate (1500 GP) - this is now her Arcane Armour
    • She sells her Splint (200 GP)
    • She buys an Earring of Message (125 GP)



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