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Merrigan Bluestone


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Merrigan Bluestone

Variant Human



Physical description:

Average height human, a little on the thin side. He has faded brown hair, peppered with grey coming in.  His 5 o’clock shadow is tending into stubble, but not too thickly.  His travellers clothing and hat are worn and fading.  A rapier and 2 daggers are on criss crossed weapon belts.  The weapons are worn, and as plain as he is.
He has a backpack, short bow and quiver on his back.


Background Pre-campaign Start:

*The Family is named Bluestone for the blue gem passed down through the family.  Set in a cloak pin.

Growing up in WinterVaeld, Merrigan and his younger brother Stephen were an energetic pair.  Working rougher jobs that skirted  greyer areas of the law they provided for themselves and their young sister Ysabel.  Stephen married for love, into a minor noble family.  His ascension wasn’t welcomed by all, and Stephen fought several duels.  Merrigan, acting as Second, was forced to kill a man as Stephen duelled.  The mans family and friends being well connected were able to have Merrigan imprisoned for a time.  After his Imprisonment he decided to distance himself from his siblings, so as not to endanger their position.  Recently he was found by a messenger.  There was no message to pass on, just a package.  It contained the Bluestone.  Taking it up he decided to head home and find the meaning to this package.


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