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Beesly & Jim Halberd

Ahlysaaria Vrinn

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Beesly is a half-orc fighter who favours a halberd she's named Jim. She is wary of magic and prefers not to have anything to do with it. If someone is going to be carrying a Rift Breaker, it isn't her. She follows a strict diet and is very stringent with herself and her training to ensure she remains in peak physical condition.

Session 1: Episode Played - A1E2 - My Brother's Keeper

  • Beesly is wary of the Rift Breaker and lets Nakikita carry it instead
  • Upon reaching the town she suddenly finds herself surrounded by illusory flower petals and is very befuddled as to what their source is
  • Beesly and Sparkle become best friends throughout the course of this adventure
  • Beesly feels bad for Grigi's bar, which turned out to be a mimic. When the party leaves, she leaves her a gold piece to help cover the damage
  • Beesly is a skeleton cleaving mad woman; Sparkle seems impressed at Beesly's prowess
  • Beesly is a beast and wrenches the attic door from its hinges
  • When fighting Father Ibor, she tries a grapple which turns into an awkward hug; she also continues whiffing, missing her strike against a skeleton and with a double crit fail (with advantage), she brings her halberd vertically down along the edges of the ribs - and thus, the sad xylophone is born (copyright pending).
  • Beesly levels up to Level 2!
    • She gets Action Surge
    • She sells her scale and buys splint armour.

Session 2: Episode Played - Side Quest - Et tu, Artem?

  • Beesly is trying to politely request eggwhites, rather than the full egg, from the half-elven cook, as she is on a strict diet. The half-elven cook is very passive aggressive about it and will only speak in elven (which Beesly doesn't speak). Beesly eventually glares, looks grumpy, and accepts the eggs, but they will be having this same conversation again tomorrow. She then leaves for the practice yard, to work out on her own.
  • Upon hearing the boom, she rushes to lift the table off Mason
  • Beesly is irritated at the anti-half-orc agenda vibes coming from Evindel
  • Beesly does not participate in the searching of their colleagues rooms
  • Beesly and Sparkle are still best friends
  • Beesly is a void core modron smashing madwoman - taking out 3/4 at the start of the ep and a 4th near the end of the sesh
  • Beesly tries to knock Rian prone to interrupt whatever their ritual is, but fails
  • In the top of the tower we learn her fear is losing her physical strength, as that is what others depend on her for, and if she loses that, she won't have a purpose
  • While the others rush to fight the evil Rian, she attempts to stay behind to fight the skeletal minotaur possessed by Morig, but she soon finds out that Jim Halberd (the normal, non-magic weapon) does nothing, so she scoops up Sparkle and runs towards Rian, and away from the minotaur creature
  • From Beesly's arms, Sparkle takes down Rian with a guiding bolt
  • Sparkle adds some more buffs to Beesly - casting warding bond, and later emboldening bond
  • Beesly successfully grapples the simulacrum of Artem and the others take him down
  • When the fake drow mage makes everyone look like Artem, Beesly successfully sniffs out the real one, based on his perfume. She gets a few good whacks in and Dolar finishes him off.
  • Beesly helps carry 2 of their unconscious companions back to the guild hall.


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