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Dolar's Level 9 Magic Item


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After collecting their reward for clearing out the rat infestation at the Dancing Dagger, Dolar heads back to the guild hall for some needed rest and relaxation. While passing through the town, Dolar notices a large shadow in their perspective.  Understanding what this might be, Dolar hangs back. A large, hooded, Ogre  motions towards Dolar, and the Verdan obliges.

In a broken, mostly intelligible, common language, the Ogre speaks gruffly. "We Collective, you little Verdan. Always watching progress." Dolar acknowledges, "Yes, I thought that's who was lurking in the shadows. Anytime someone shows up unannounced, some sort of gift is bestowed up me. What does the Collective have for me today?"

"Green one wise. Gift be for you." The Ogre outstretches to Dolar a pair of larger metallic gloves. In further broken common, "Collective offer gift for Dolar. These Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Make Dolar strong. Hit much hard. All strikes boon." 

Dolar examines the gauntlets and takes note of the size of this gift. "Ermm, ummm...How are these supposed to work for me? I don't think these gauntlets will fit..."

"Do no worry Dolar. Will work. That-Which-Endures fix" After saying this the hooded Ogre whispers into the air in a language the Dolar does not understand. A spark in Dolar's mind triggers at the subject named that will "fix" this. Dolar tries to remember where they have heard that term. The memory does not surface, but dies into the recesses.

After speaking, the Ogre says "Put hands in gift." Dolar looks up at the Ogre quizzically, but obeys. As the Verdan starts putting on one gauntlet, the hand begins to enlargen, muscles stretch and swell, the fingers grow, and ultimately Dolar's hand now fits snuggly inside.

"What did you do to me," Dolar quickly and surprisingly, "My hand!"

"Fit now do it?" asks the Ogre, "Now other hand insert".

Dolar carefully and slowly begins inserting the hand into the other gauntlet. Just as the first hand began grown and fitting into place, so does this hand. Now both hands are largely disproportionate to what they were a few moments ago. Dolar does feel invigorated and is able to easily swing their fists just as without the gauntlets. A power surges through Dolar with each swing of their enlarged hands.

"That-Which-Endures fix, yes?" Asks  the Ogre.

"Who is this entity of which you speak?" inquires Dolar.  The Ogre says nothing and disappears.


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