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Mikbane Dowell


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Male / Half-Elf / Rogue


Mikbane is the result of an ill advised union between a local human shop owner, Jeames Dowell, and an elven woman, Nueleth. Several months after he was born, Mik's mother abandoned them both, presumably to return to her clan.

Mik's father quickly remarried to provide a mother for his young son. They were all happy for a couple of years until his stepmother, Issobella, gave birth to a son, Barnell. With his father focused on supporting the growing family and his stepmother focused on the human son, Mik was left to fend for himself and began to spend more time with the more unsavory elements of town who always had time for a youngster with Mik's natural skills. These connections would prove to be a boon to his father's business.

In spite of his stepmother's best efforts, Mik and Barnell got along quite well up through their teenaged years until Mik overheard Jeames and Issobella discussing Barnell inheriting the shop one day. Outraged and lashing out, Mik arranged for his half-brother to meet him near the more affluent part of town. Mik had just completed a very loud and very haphazard robbery just as Barnell was arriving. He handed his brother the bag of loot and knocked him to the ground before he scampered up to a hiding spot where he watched the town guards apprehend Barnell.

Mik grabbed his backpack where he stashed it and immediately left town, never returning to the shop to say goodbye to his father.

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