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Kaizen Kogata Yaketa


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Kaizen is a half-elf monk/rouge who enjoys giving people flowers and climbing things she shouldn't. 

Notes on DDB lists sessions completed; so far those include:

3rd lvl games: 9/20 eps. 10; 10/27 eps. 3; 10/28 eps. Act 2 7.5 (side quest); 11/1 act 2 eps. 5; 4th lvl games: 11/3 eps. 5; 11/5 side quest druid's grove (~act 1); 11/5 act 2 eps. 7 (1wp); 11/8 act 1 eps. 6 (1wp) 5th lvl games: 11/17 act 1 eps. 7; 11/19 side quest "No Cave Like Home"; 11/19 act 1 eps. 5 (again); 11/22 act 1 eps. 4 6th lvl games: 11/23 act 1 eps. 8; 11/29 act 1 eps. 9; 12/1 side quest "What a Treasure"; 12/9 "Kaizen and the Moondrop Bell" custom quest part 1 (1wp) 7th lvl games: 12/10 side quest with rat statue; 12/12 a1e10 egg run; 12/14 "Kaizen and the Moondrop Bell" custom quest part 2 (1wp); 12/15 a1e9 again

8th lvl games (5): 12/21 "Kaizen and the Moondrop Bell" part 3 (1wp); 12/21 a1e1 again

Current magic items: Cloak of Protection & Eldritch Claw Tattoo 

Current money: 1,569 PP & 18,881 GP

Current standard stuff: arrows, traveler's clothes, dagger, shortbow, shortsword, waterskin, tinderbox, thieves' tools, 50ft of hempen rope, 1 day of rations, mess kit, lute, healer's kit, 2 potions of healing

Current special stuff: lvl 5 spell scroll for Steel Wind Strike, 2 pinches of Phaisy Dust (mechanically lvl 2 spell scrolls for misty step), Guardian Gem,  Potion of Hill Giant Strength, 2 Greater Potions of Healing


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