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Xena walked into the dark room, wet from the rain.  She had been spending time at the training yard, trying to focus her anger.  To fight with more precision than wildly swinging the battleax.  She took it off of her back, unstrapped her gauntlets and put them on the table.  She walked over to the basin and splashed water on her face.  She stared at herself in the mirror and grimaced at the fact she looked older, a nasty effect of a curse.  Her face resembled her mother's.  She tried to push back the memories of the last time she saw her and the rest of the tribe.  Seeing the burnt tents from the distance, finding the mutilated bodies of her loved ones, crying as she prepared them, and the scent of burning flesh as the funeral pyres burned.  Anger and sadness threatened to overwhelm her again.  

She walked over to the window and stared out into the gray sky and the pouring rain.  The sound of the rain calmed her.  She wondered if she’s doing the right thing.  Staying here, continuing to work for the Mortal Guardians. She came here looking for work.  It was supposed to be a simple job or two.  Now she’s involved in plots that she didn’t understand, experiencing culture that she didn’t even know existed.  For her, it’s always been the tribe. There was a clear order to things.  Respect the elders, protect the tribe, and honor the dead.  

Xena couldn’t understand why these people acted the way they did. In the past few months, she had to do things that were against her nature.  When she questioned it, she was met with impatience, sharp retorts and was made to feel like she was a fool.  She thought about leaving.  But there was Kaizen, her best friend.  Kaizen was the only reason she stayed.  She made Xena feel safe which was very rare.  She didn’t belittle her, bully her or laugh at her in a mean way.  She was patient and answered questions with simple words that Xena could understand.  She tried to help Xena navigate this world of nobility, high societal rules, and the confusing maze filled with betrayal and deception.  

One wall in her room was filled with badly drawn sketches, misspelled names and organizations, lines and arrows to help connect the dots.  Xena tried to learn as best as she could but she could never remember the names right.  


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“Nope, that is certainly not how it’s supposed to be spelled… oh well.” Kaizen had never really had use for writing things down. Mr. Kip was the scholar back home, always reading and taking notes in his own peculiar way. Kaizen smiled, remembering Mr. Kip’s scratches on those massive sheets of parchment. It was a code, the craig cat told her, and to Kaizen it certainly was cryptic.  

Coming back to the present moment, Kaizen took a step back from the mess on the wall. Squinting a little, she hoped it made sense. If nothing else it seemed to make Xena feel a little better, which was always a good thing. Kaizen was a little worried about her friend; Xena seemed somewhat uncomfortable in her new surroundings. Working in the training yard seemed to help though, and Kaizen felt proud that she had taught Xena a solid right hook. 

Perhaps, Kaizen thought, Xena would join her in the garden later. It was certainly more tranquil than training - well, usually. With legal access to the royal palace gardens secured, they didn’t have to sneak in anymore or fight iron golems. Kaizen would just keep Xena away from the more experimental greenhouses with the carnivorous or sentient species… No reason to increase Xena’s mistrust of plants.

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