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Nahara Porter

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It’s early summer, the sky is blue and the air is warm. In a luxurious garden filled with flowers and trees, Nahara is sitting against a tree with a book in hand.  She’s a young girl of seventeen, wearing glasses over her piercing blue eyes.  She is beautiful, her long brown wavy hair pinned up, wearing a yellow summer dress, her bare feet touching the grass, she looks peaceful as she is engrossed in her book.  Overhead, there is a small brown owl, sitting on a branch all curled up as if he is asleep.  Sounds of the birds singing and insects buzzing surrounds them.  Nearby fountain provides an additional ambiance. 

Nahara is a daughter of a diplomat and a noble lady from a wealthy family.  Tragedy struck her early in life as her mother passed away when she was an infant.  Her father, grief stricken, took a posting at a faraway place and left Nahara in the care of her uncle, her mother’s older brother.  She grew up surrounded by nannies and tutors as her uncle wasn’t comfortable being around children.  He is a rich merchant with political influence in Wintervaeld where he resides in a large estate.  

Nahara discovered her love of books at a young age.  She devoured the books in her uncle’s library.  Poetry, history, biography, and epic sagas.  She had a penchant for languages and could speak, write and read Common, Draconic, Dwarvish, Elvish, Giant, Gnomish, and Sylvan.  She dreamed of traveling around the world and becoming a writer herself.  She wanted to experience different cultures and learn of their folklore.

She was a good young lady in her uncle’s eyes, educated in social etiquette, and intelligent who was a bit too curious at times.  She was kind and respectful which were important qualities to her uncle.  She was a generous person who would give money to the poor without a second thought.  He constantly worried for her as she could be a bit naïve.  She was also a bit uncoordinated at times which her tutors were helping her with.    

One thing that did annoy her uncle was that she constantly bothered him with endless questions, of adventure instead of business or social ongoings.  Her uncle loved his niece but hoped to have her out of his hair soon.  A university far away or even get married, although that prospect didn’t seem to be forthcoming any time soon as she’s rejected any suitors he’d set up.  


Betrayed by a few of her uncle’s servants, she was kidnapped and held for ransom.  Worried that the Wintervaeld’s Guards weren’t taking this matter seriously, he reaches out to the Mortal Guardian’s Guild and hires them to rescue Nahara.  Held on the estate grounds, tied and gagged, she’s rescued by the Mortal Guardians.  The first person who entered the basement where she was being held was a glorious female warrior named Xena.  A magnificent Goliath  with black hair, shaved both sides, confidently strolled down the steps.  Murmuring assurances, Xena cut away the rope and pulled off the gag from her mouth.  Greatly relieved, Nahara threw herself in Xena’s arms and was held by those strong arms.  Nahara never felt that way before.  This was better than any stories she’d read.  Xena was the hero she’d been fantasizing about.  

After experiencing this bit of an adventure, Nahara wanted more.  She asked her uncle to get her into the Mortal Guardians Guild so she could be closer to Xena. Her uncle, who loves her dearly but is eager to pass her off, donates a large sum of money so Nahara would be accepted. Unhappy with her assignment as a researcher and a librarian of sorts, she jumps at an opportunity to go on her first mission as a Mortal Guardian. She secretly hopes to run into Xena again and prove herself worthy.

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