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Colette Monet


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  • Character Sheet: https://ddb.ac/characters/69204722/ykvLMz
  • Race:
    • Lightless Hexblood Half-Elf
  • Class
    • Circle of the Fading Grove Druid 
  • Level 3 Item:
    • Ring of Truth Telling 
  • EXP: 
    • 3,150 / 6,500 XP
  • Gold: 
    • 519 GP
  • Backstory:
    • Colette is the epitome of a cursed child. Born under a lunar eclipse Colette was supposed to be a normal Half-Elf, but alas a feast of shadows had something else to say about it. Distraught at the child's new appearance and blaming any misfortune that they encountered on Colette her parents struck a deal with the Hag, Auntie Rose, the deal being that fortune be brought back into their lives in exchange for the life of the baby Colette. Rose takes up the deal, but unlike many Hags she aligns to be much more benevolent, and as a Keeper of a Fading Grove and soother to distraught souls Rose raises Colette to be her successor. Be it due to her inexperience or her natural reckless disposition, Colette was deemed not ready for the position when she reached adulthood and was then tasked by Rose to go out into the world, experience it, and then to come back when she deems herself ready for the position of Keeper of the Fading Grove.
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Update Log 01: 

Changed to stats, kept to point buy, and multiclassed into barbarian 


-1500 from EP7 and 600 from SQ


- 1450 GP from EP7 and SQ 

- (-) 125 Dancing Swell Ban List 

- Buying Halfplate (750)

New totals

Level: 4
Experience: 5,250 / 6,500 XP
Coin: 1,472 GP
Magic items: Shield+1

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Update Log 03: 

Buying Total: 915 GP Towards New Character Aria 

- Breastplate (400)

- x4 Palm Pistols (200)

- x150 Palm Pistol Bullets (15)

- Pepperbox (250)

- x250 Pepperbox Bullets (50)

New totals

Level: 5
Experience: 6,750 / 14,000 XP
Coin: 1,329 GP
Magic items: Cloak of Protection

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