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Dolar's Level 12 Item

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Upon returning to the Guild Hall from a grueling mission, a tired, and still well dressed, Dolar finishes giving reports of the to Artem. "Don't forget that mani/pedi Artem!" and Dolar flips the guild master a single gold piece. A heavy 'Hrmph' come from the half-orc as the Verdan turns to retire to his living quarters in the guild hall.  Dolar enters the homely room, relived and ready for a good nights rest. Dolar closes the door and begins to change into evening attire.

"Why must you patronize your guild master so?" says an unexpected, and unfamiliar voice to Dolar.  The monk channels his inner speed and rapid whips around to meet the voice. A hooded figure stands, present, at the door that was closed only seconds ago. "A Collective member," Dolar says. "Your growing Wisdom precedes you mighty Dolar." the Collective member reponds. "Patronize?" Dolar says, "I secretly thinks he enjoys the free gifts I offer upon returning from battle. A subtle reminder that I'm still here and was victorious once again."

"Indeed, you have fought hard and shown great prowess in battle!" The Collective member continues, "Which is why I have been summoned once again." Dolar tilts his head slightly, "Another gift to aid my adventures?"

"You are correct, but this time you must part with one of your previous three gifts, for no adventurer can ever utilize more than three Collective gifts at a time."

Dolar takes a moment to ruminate on the items currently in possession. Dolar extends the left arm which is covered in a swirling tattoo of wyverns. "In recent battles, this has seen dwindling use. It can go."

The figure reaches out and waves a hand over the extended arm and the tattoo vanishes from Dolar's skin, and becomes a steel needle once again, in the palm of the Collective's hand. "You used this well. I can feel it's story speaking back to me," voices the hooded figure. "Now, for your replacement gift. We, the Collectve, have seen you dodge many attacks. Some just barely missing you. We offer you an item to potentially dodge even more attacks: Bracers of Defense. These leggings, of sorts, boon your current armor class and make you even harder to hit. Be weary: wear no armor, nor carry a shield to maintain the effect of this gift." 

Dolar accepts the gift and fastens them around the two muscular calves of his legs. The Monk takes a small stride around the room feeling the bracers out. "I barely notice them there," says the Verdan, focusing on the new item.

As Dolar circles back towards the hooded figure, something inside compels the Verdan to duck. As Dolar ducks, a quarterstaff cuts through the air above the Monk. Dolar's attention immediately returns to the Collective member. "YOU TRIED TO HIT ME???" yells Dolar. 

"And I might have been successful had you not been wearing those," explains the figure. "Yeah, I guess you are right. These will come in very handy," returns Dolar, look back down at the bracers.

"Thank Y...," and before Dolar can finish thanking the Collective member, the hooded figure vanishes into thin air.


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