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Penny Firearms Stock and Experiment logs


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Penny Firearms Stock:
Decent Quality, Standard, Penny Firearms' Bolt action Rifle x18F | 275 GP per Rifle (Sold with 20 Rounds of Ammunition)
Decent Quality, Penny Firearms' Double Barrel Pistol x1F, x4P | 225 GP per pistol, (Comes 16 Rounds of Ammunition's) 
Decent Quality, Pistol with 6 Shot Magazine x1F, x1P | 275 GP Per Pistol (comes with one magazine and 18 Rounds of Ammunition)
Decent Quality, Penny Firearms' 5 Shot Revolver x1P | 275 GP Per Revolver (Comes with 15 Rounds of Ammunition)
High Quality, Penny Firearms' Luger Style Pistol with 8 Shot Magazine x1P | 325 GP (Comes with 1 Magazine and 24 Rounds of Ammunition)
8,33 Rifle Rounds (Sold 8 CP per Bullet)
8,33 Pistol Rounds (Sold 7 CP per Round)

Experiment Funds
8,33 Rounds of Ammunition
1500 GP in Firearm Making Resources

(Please Note David Penny and Penny Firearms Cannot be held Responsible for any Misuse of their Firearms)
(Also Note: David Penny Offers Firearm Training every 10 Days)
(Putting this in the Group Bit if anyone wants to buy a firearm or suggest something for DP to attempt to make)
(final Note The x1F means how many are finished, while x1P means in production)

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Fixed some of my math
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Experiment 1: The Fracture Round
- Idea a Slug that fractures into 3 rounds meant to be fired from a Penny Firearm's Ricochet Rifle
- Allotted Resources: 300 Rounds (100 Slugs)
- 10 Slugs have been Given to Sinhim to Test

Experiment 2: The Ricochet Rifle
- 3 Shot Revolver Rifle That fires a Bulky Slug known as a Fracture Round
- Allotted Resources 600 GP of Material
- v1 Scraped after changing design from Bolt operated rifle, to revolver Rifle

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Penny Firearms Stock Update:
- 18 Decent quality, Penny Firearms Bolt Action Rifle                 | 275 GP
- 3 Decent Quality, Penny Firearms Double Barrel Pistol            | 225 GP
- 2 Decent Quality, Penny Firearms 6 Shot Pistol W Magazine  | 275 GP
- 1 Decent Quality, Penny Firearms 5 Shot Flintlock Revolver    | 275 GP
- 1 High Quality, Penny Firearms Luger style Pistol                     | 325 GP
- 1 Experimental, Penny Firearms Ricochet Rifle V1                    | (On Display and Not For Sale Yet)
(Functions The Same as a bolt action rifle Just at a higher caliber and higher Misfire Score)
- 1 Experimental, Penny Firearms Ricochet Rifle V2                   | (On Display and Not for Sale Yet)
(Functions as a Revolver with Longer Range and a higher Misfire Score)

Penny Firearms Experiment Logs:
- By Channeling Magic Into two rounds and slamming them together, Sinhim has been able to Increase the Effectiveness of the round.
- When attempting to Replicate the Effect i found i am not strong enough to cause the rounds to go off when i try to slam them together
- V2 of the Ricochet Rifle Scraped in favor of V3, a Duel Revolver Setup Where two Round can be fired off hitting each other at the end of the Barrel
(Can Also Fire 1 Round at a time but David Penny has yet to figure out that they can just make three triggers instead of trying to enchant 1 Trigger)

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