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Friend: Blood Hunter

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Spent 20 GP on 10 Daggers (2gpx10=20) (Yes I know it's a lot of daggers lol)

Only one new total, my money is going down

Level: 2
Experience: 0/2 Games till Level 2
Coin: 74 GP | 8 PP
Magic items: None

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I realize I had miswritten my previous experience, trackers, oops. I already had been level two and was working towards 3

Gained +1 Shortsword! (uncommon)

Level: 3

Experience 0/4 till level 4

Coin: 92 PP | 686GP

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Level: 4 yay!

Experience 0/4 till level 5

Coin: 170 PP | 1030 GP
Acquired potion of flying (From Oriama)
Acquired 6th level spell scroll (From donation treasure bonus)

Coin: 330 PP | 2010 GP

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