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Dolar's Level 15 Magic Item

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Dolar had been wearing the Dragonhide Belt for months, and they had grown quite fond of its properties. The belt's magic had proven useful time and time again, allowing Dolar to strike harder and longer in battle. However, as much as they loved the belt, Dolar couldn't shake the memory of the fallen monk whose hide was used to craft the item.

One morning, upon recovering from a difficult battle, a deep sense of sadness and pride overcame the monk.

"You fight well, little Verdan." A new, unfamiliar voice speaks in Dolar's presence.

The monk quickly rolls out of bed and begins searching for whomever just addressed them.

In a dark recessed corner of the room, a figure begins to appear. A ghostly form materializes into view. The outline of the spirit appears to be reptilian in nature. It's features translucent as it moves.  In the center of the torso, a glowing blue orb softly and slowly pulses giving full realization that this is no living being. The figure appears to be wearing garments of battle, but no real armor is distinguishable. This figure looks somewhat different than previous visitors, confusing Dolar.

"Are you from The Collective?" inquires the Verdan. The spirit slowly shakes it head, "I am not, but I was sent by a member whom you had previous interaction."

Further confused, Dolar continues, "Then who are  you and why have you been sent to visit me?"

"You have brought me great honor," says the spirit. "My name is Kelrish Priyax, a previously great monk, just like yourself."

Dolar's mind races, trying to recall the name Kelrish Priyax. "Why would The Collective send another mon....." Dolar's word instantly cease. A flashflood of memory rushes through their mind. Tears begin welling up in Dolar's eyes and one trickles down their green skin. "You're the monk warrior who died fighting along side of the Dragonborn who gave me the dragonhide belt..."

"The very same." Admits Kelrish. With these words, the spirit's orb pulses deeply, revealing the figure's details to be a Dragonborn monk. "I've been told many tales of your grand adventures. It pleases me to know I was able to provide you assistance with my hide belt."

"The pleasure is mine," returns Dolar. "How do you know of my adventures though?"

Priyax gestures to a seemingly empty space beside him. "From my Brother, of course." 

In the space where Kelrish gestures, a hooded, cloaked, figure appears, stepping through the veils, in billowing wisps of falling smoke. A dragon-like tail trailing behind him.

Smiling, Dolar says, "Still having trouble with that tail, Dragonborn?"

"It has a mind of it's own, sometimes," a warm, happy tone emanates from the cloak. "It is true, I have been updating my fallen brother on your progress. You have learned to focus your Ki energy in ways none of us had expected. You bring honor to the class of monk," exclaimed the Dragonborn.

"But why have you also come? Usually The Collective sends a member when a new gift is to bestowed upon me," inquires the Verdan.

"You are wise, little one," says the cloaked Dragonborn. "I do have another magical artifact for your utilization. There are rules though, if you remember: only three magical items at once. This is also part of the reason I have summon Kelrish in your presence as well. It is time for his soul to rest. You see, as long as the magic remained in that belt you wear, his spirit would linger on. He fought well in life, and now deserves peace. Pass me the belt, and we will return the energy back to him."

Dolar unclasps the belt from around their waist and hands it up to the cloaked figure. As the dragonborn turns towards his brother, Dolar notices another tear drop falling from the cloaked figure. Dolar knows this is the last time the two Brothers will see each other in this life.

The dragonborn holds out the belt in his two clawed hands. "Brother, Kelrish. I give back the essence that you unselfishly provided to this artifact." The Dragonborn Monk reached out his clawed hands and hovered them over the hide belt. The belt and his hands began glowing a bright blue. After a moment the belt stopped glowing and Kelrish Priyax smiled as he began slowly fading away. "Rest well. We will see each other again someday," choked The Collective member.

Turning back to Dolar, the Dragonborn hands the belt back down to the monk. "You may have this back, but only as a reminder of the sacrifices made for you. It is no longer magical. As for your next magical gift, I present to you a cloak of your own. The Cloak of Displacement. This cloak projects an illusion that makes you appear to be standing nearby where you actually are not. You will now be much for difficult to hit. Use it well. If by some chance you are hit, the illusion drops for a moment until you are ready to strike again."

"Thank you," says Dolar, as they don the articles and bow to The Collective member, the Dragonborn fades back into the veils leaving the monk in their solidarity for a time of reflection and preparation for the next adventure.

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