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Shattered Faith: A Cultist's Decent to Chaos

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Cameron was raised in the secretive and secluded abbey of Alisador, buried deep within the undergrim. This Abbey was inhabited by a fanatical religious group that dedicated their lives to the Goddess of Undeath, Xavoccra.

Cameron’s youth was consumed by rigorous study of the arcane, the divine, and the arts of combat. She was constantly being prepared for an unknown purpose, guided by the teachings of those who raised her in the clergy. None of the other kids had schedules quite as strict as hers, which Cameron found completely unfair.

She often found respite in the abbey’s library, a treasure trove of spell books, children's fairy tales, and old gothic tomes that celebrated the ascension of Xavoccra. The library’s walls were adorned with beautiful stained glass windows, through which filtered an eerie, otherworldly light, which fascinated Cameron, given that the abbey is located underground. She always theorised whether it was an illusion, or if there was a hidden source of natural light that was somehow able to make its way underground.

In her isolated youth, Cameron found a connection with a mischievous tiefling, Alasdair, a fellow cultist around the same age, who shared her scepticism towards the cult’s teachings. He very easily became her friend, treating her as an equal rather than the perfect, compliant cleric those in power wanted her to be. It was Alasdair who eventually revealed the truth of Cameron’s existence to her, a truth that shattered her faith in the Cult and its teachings.

“Before Xander took over, the leader of this place was Surge, a Water Genasi just like you! She passed away moments before you were born, so everyone believes you’re her reincarnation. They’re training you to take over again when you’re older, I think?”

After that conversation, Cameron never saw Alasdair again. Her questions about Alasdair were met with blank stares and confusion, as if he had never existed.

As Cameron matured, she became increasingly disillusioned with the cult’s teachings and gaslighting, eventually leading her to flee. She was given the opportunity to shadow an indoctrination ceremony that was taking place on the surface. She acted compliant until she had the chance to run.

Months of wandering brought Cameron to Wintervaeld, where she stumbled upon a guild who were actively looking for adventurers to help tackle the rift crisis. It was a chance to help and a chance to hide that she’d be stupid to pass up.

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Cameron's Epilogue

Having journeyed side by side with the Mortal Guardians, Cameron learned the essence and the warmth of friendship, and the privilege that it is to lean on others. Their influence was profound, helping her blossom into her own person. Yet, amidst this shared joy and discovery, a calling persisted—a duty far greater and more demanding. She was chosen to stand beside Xavoccra, a commitment that overshadowed all else.

Cameron says goodbye to her family in the mortal guardians and moves to Vaelda-Umbra, inviting Randal to go with her, if he so chooses. She delves into the mysteries of Lichdom, each incantation pulling her further from the world she knew until she no longer recognises herself or the world she swore to protect. With every spell, she hopes to stretch her life across time, hoping to become an unseen guardian angel for her dear friends. Yet with each passing day, her once-vivid memories blur, and are replaced by an unending commitment to serve Xavoccra. This unending path, she believes, is hers alone to tread, sparing others the weight and solitude it demands.

In reflection, Cameron's heart swells with gratitude for the Mortal Guardians. Their time together was a cherished chapter of her existence. Yet, the depth of her affection often clouded her clarity and purpose. While they taught her love and individuality, her profound bond with them became a tether she needed to release. And so she chooses the solemn path of duty over the warmth of companionship, as the memories of her dearest friends begin to blur, like cherished dreams dissolving with the dawn.

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