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Cersei’s Home Plan

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Absent minded during most of her adventurers, Cersei is usually deep in thought thinking and visualizing how to best organize her dream set up. The dream is to have a 3 story building, naming it the Sorceress’s Abode. The floors of the abode are as following:
- The first floor is the Bronze Dragon, a planned corner store that sells general goods and magical candy.                            
- The second floor is The Magic Mirror: Marriage, Magic, Mental Health Therapy , a planned therapy and consultation service for all things arcane and occult related.      
- The top floor is her living quarters that she would share with her current roommate Colette.




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13 hours ago, Lochlainn said:

This is super cool! What do you use to make everything??

Thank you I use SweetRoom3D, it's a browser program and I use it fairly often for a general floor plan, and creating the layout of a room. I'm probably going to redo this in Blender or SketchUp with a street next to it after I add in some stories logs to the post. 

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The Acquisition of the Sorceress's Abode:

Cersei steps into a 3 story building, and takes a deep breath. A creaky old staircase, empty floors, and dust scattered about, but hey all of this is hers and well Colettes as well but mostly hers.

She makes her way up to the third floor, a room lit up only by the night sky and lays down on the bare wood. Closing her eyes, resting a bit before Colette and Alywen come in the morning to bother her, Cersei plays back the last couple days leading up this milestone in her life….....


A scene with a noble, with not incredibly fine clothes, but fine enough that it set himself apart from the riff-raff of sellswords, mages, and thieves of the Yawning Portal. The very same noble was making Cersei’s headache worse this fine night, some talk of his child going missing, something about the sewers going into the Undermountain, whatever whatever the headache and drunkenness was getting to Cersei and she wanted one of the sources to shut up. 

Getting up from her seat, encouraged by the hoots and shouts from the adventurers around the tavern, as well as her own drunk state she points a sword towards the noble.

“Listen here, I will find that kid, I’m gonna own a business, and I’m gonna do it all by myself! .....My reward, uhh give me a building.” She takes a swig of her drink and a large amount of laughs and shouts erupt from the table she left, as well as other tables that were familiar with her. 

The noble stunned, straightens and starts explaining his situation.

“Oh um okay, uh thank you miss, well my boy he’s-“


Ah oh no, back in the present Cersei gets up from the floor and realizes at that point her memory blanks. Standing up and pacing about she tries to recall what happened next…..


Cersei is on a stone cold floor, she hears the sounds of rats scurrying about, and a heavy breath above. Jumping awake, in her face is a rat the size and shape of a man towering over her about to bite. A quick roll to avoid it, then scrambling to get her bearings, she can at least see that theres only one enemy for now. 

A flurry of slashes and thrusts, with a magic missile to finish off the Wererat, the silence of the area makes Cersei painfully aware that she’s likely in the Undermountain. First a deep breath and then she starts speaking.

“Okay no time to panic, let's gauge the situation.” Lighting up the area with a spell, a quick assessment is done.

“Short-swords still here good, I have enough left in my tank for magic on the way back okay, and all my pouches seem fine thats great, I need a plan now”

Still a bit hungover, a general idea formed. She could at least still remember the noble explaining that some thieves of a gang were involved, and that the child was captured through a connecting passage from the sewers. Familiar enough with a map given to her by another adventurer, Cersei makes her way north, hoping to find clues underneath Sea Ward where the nobles lived. 

Around half an hour of walking in the dark, a noise comes from around the next bend. Lit with torches further down the corner are 3 people that appear to be human, and a gagged soft looking boy.

"Well thats probably him." Cersei thinks as she simulates in her mind the spells she was going to use and the order of them.

Steadying her breath Cersei rounds the corner, melting in the darkness and sees them taking a short break. Pushing her necklace to her lips, her mouth starts releasing small blue sparks.

Exhaling a deep breath, she’s ready.

In one motion she points to the noble boy and snaps her fingers as his figure disappears from the thieves side as it reappears next to Cersei.

In the next motion, she sprints over to the thieves and a breath of lightning erupts from her and covers them. Not stopping her approach, she runs circles around them as blue electricity pours into the dungeon and lights up its walls. 

Ozone and a burning smell fill the hallway, and Cersei readies herself for any of them that survived, but thankfully none did. 

“Quarter in my tank left, hopefully that’s enough to get out, hey kid your dads the one that hired me so stop squirming it's making my hangover worse seeing you move about.” 

Not wasting time she grabs him and the march back to the surface begins. For the most part save for some swarms of rats it was uneventful, a couple magic missiles being thrown around, but nothing much besides that.

Reaching the top of the ladder up into the Yawning Portal, Cersei spots from the windows that it's night time, she was in there for almost a day and while her stomach wants her to eat, a reward much tastier was coming.

The noble seeing his son and Cersei come up from the well in the Yawning Portal rushes over to hug his son, and the sound of coins ring in Cersei’s ear as she approaches the father and son duo. 

“So, about that reward~”


Back in the present, Cersei wakes up to the morning sun lighting up the room. Glancing about her room seeing it in daylight, a very smug smile surfaces as she gets herself ready for her day. 

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Crest Fallen Clerk

It's been a month since Crest had been kicked out from her last job. *sigh* How was she supposed to stop a party of adventurers?!? She's just trying to earn a livable wage and they are raging storms of gold, glory, and gust- *splash* 

A wagon just came by, splashing water on this poor water genasi. Crest looks up to the sky and exhales a deep sigh.

"Hmmmmmmm I fucking hate adventurers." 

Unbeknownst to her, a person is approaching her. A young lady with an electric bolt across one eye waves.

"Hey uh, remember me? From The Tranquil Chateau, names Cersei."

Standing up and wiping down her now wet outfit a glare is thrown.

"Hmph, I don't feel like speaking to someone who got me fired." Crest walks off in another direction. The streets of Waterdeep were as busy as ever and Crest hoped that she could lose this hooligan. 

"Alright yea that is definitely our bad, but the guy kidnapped our friend's friend so we kinda had to. Hey please slow down." 

"I'd rather not." Crest's steps continue, passing dense crowds and wagons.

Struggling to get through Cersei eventually catches up as she can see Crest stands at a corner, arms crossed. 

"Fine whatever I have nothing else to do and since you're so keen on following me, what do you want?"

"Okay sweet, sooo I was wondering if you would be interested in a job?" Cersei eyes the genasi first, Crest sees this and gives a nod to the lively girl to keep going. A smile beams in response.

"Great!! I'm opening up a store like a general store, but its more of a mom and pop corner candy store. And I realized I don't know many people that are qualified to be a clerk." 

Exasperated at what she heard and not believing it, Crest leans in to make sure she's hearing correctly. 

"A clerk? For a candy store? Like just looking after a store and ringing items up? A five year old could do that, and you can't find anybody??"

Cersei awkwardly motions with her hands.

"Right well I am still kinda new here." She scratches the back of her head.

"And so I don't know many people outside of the Melting Pot* and my guild and uhhh my guild mates, hmm I trust them with my back........ but not my business. It's like c'mon do I really got a say it most of them are not the "friendly" type ya know."

Crest scrunches her nose as she leans back, thinking.

"Right..., and if I join this store of yours what would the pay be?"

The adventurer stares at her as she tilts her head and puts a hand to her chin.

"Mmmmm probably around two gold a day for a 5 day work week?" 

An offer only an adventurer would give. 


"Really?? So fast, oh by Lathander's light you won't regret this. Come, come I'll show you the place." 

Grabbing her hand Cersei strolls over to her home to give her first employee a tour. 

*The Melting Pot Soup Kitchen, otherwise known as Maude's Melting Pot is run by an old lady that houses and feeds anybody that comes to its doors. Located in Dock Ward, near the border of South Ward. 

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Good Hilni Hunting

The Mage's Guild, a guild of spellcasters, researchers, and endless tomes of knowledge. Today the Mage's Guild is in heavy, heavy disorder. Rifts in Waterdeep? Guardians telling us it leads to the Shadowfell? By Bahamut's wings the Guardians are troublemakers and end up giving many a headache, but at least for now this information would prove useful.

Useful, but absolutely insane. Portals that could lead into other planes? Of course it's been heard of before, but to do so in such a controlled, in such a deliberate way.. unthinkable to anyone, to mostly everyone. Just think about the implications. And the fact that the Coven has had access to this? Think of how many years they've had to have researched this topic and all of the experiments.... the Guardians have told us of the atrocities they've seen in the field and to think that such a marvel in arcane research would be the result of that just the thought of it is so sicke-

"Hey Hils, uhh you’re letting out some steam from your head."

A jolt and a jump, as a small halfling girl falls to floor she sees standing over her a young lady geared up as if she was going into a dungeon, well that wouldn't be too unexpected knowing her occupation. 

"Cersei!! It's been forever, how's Waterdeep, how's the Riftbreakers?, oooh what was the Shadowfell like, did you take anything?? Any lingerin-"

"Hils breath a bit, breath, okay. Well Waterdeep going good so far, Riftbreakers I mean they're working soo there's that, Shadowfell very cold very dark, and yes of course I took something."

Kneeling closer to the halfling who was still on the floor, the adventurer takes out from her sheath an elven looking sword, very worn darkened steel with a handle wrapped in black leather. 

"Alright keep it hush hush, but I lost one of my swords over there and I picked this up. And.. it like changed my magic."

Cersei reaches her hand out and points to a book far from her grasp. Hilni waiting and almost missing it, in a second sees the book come flying to Cersei's hand. A face of shock and awe appears on the halfling.

"Pretty cool huh? Ended up losing some spells too, but gained couple new ones as well so overall would like to call this a boon~."

Now standing up, Hilni puts on her glasses and looks to the sword.

"Cersei that could be a cursed weapon, it could be a sentient weapon, and you just picked it up?"

Looking up to see the adventurers response, Hilni short circuits as Cersei just gives a shrug while sheathing her sword. Cersei picks up the halfling and places her back on her chair after standing it back up.

"Right, the important news now....I've opened up a store, well two stores and I was wondering if you would like to be part of it?" Still shocked at her friends nonchalant actions, it takes Hilni a bit before responding. 

"I mean I'm honored, but what exactly could I help with I just do this." Her hands motion to the stacks of books littered around the room.

"See that's actually what I need." Cersei pulls up a chair.

"So after working with the Guardians and these big events of arcane and occult I felt that there needs to be a group that focuses on the average citizen. We both know public knowledge of magic is kinda surface level, right?" Hilni nods in agreement. 

"So with that in mind I'm opening up the Magic Mirror, a consultation and therapy service for all things arcane and occult." Now putting her hands on Hilni's shoulders.

"And I would love your book smarts to be part of it, I am a sorcerer and only really know magic internally so you and your wizardy would be so helpful."

Hilni looks at Cersei, Cersei responds with a pleading look.

"Pleasee. Hey listen its practical experience and you've talked about how you wish you had more right! Ain't this the perfect chance."

Hilni spaces out thinking of her schedule, the extra work, her upcoming thesis for graduation, and he-

"We sell candy in the downstairs store and you'll be paid two gold per day."

Candy and money, Cersei came fully prepared in these negotiations as she looks to Hilni again with a pleading look. Hilni looks back to Cersei as she rubs her temples. 


"Hils you're the best welcome aboard, let's show you the place."

Picking up Hilni Cersei walks towards her home with a new employee in tow. 

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