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Zanilla "Zan" - The Stygian Turn

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Zanilla “Zan” Grave Cleric Goblin

  • Orphan, grew up in Arlecza. 
  • An acolyte of Deszrion - god of death, deliverance and freedom. 
  • Main occupation - healer, makes medicinal poultice and tea
  • Hobby - grows medicinal herbs and flowers.  
  • Calm, upbeat, and caring
  • Great friends with Scrungle. 
  • Visits Waac’s shop frequently. 
  • Early 20's

Intro:  Zanilla "Zan" is a Grave Cleric Goblin who grew up in Arlecza as an orphan.  When she came of age, she joined the Church as an Acolyte for the god Deszrion.  She works as a healer who loves to garden.  

First Episode:  Survival

  • Meet at the Restin' Resin.  Rowdy wannabes start a bar fight.
  • Kallus goes unconscious, healed him to bring him back.
  • Breszeni the Bard - bleeding from the wound from the neck. Turned into a Zombie!!
  • Kallus got bitten!!
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Episode 3

A scroll case from a shop called “Zelousek’s Mystical Wares”. The case contains

  • a scroll of heroes' feast - Cleric Spell
  • five scrolls of create food and water - Cleric Spell
  • a scroll of fog cloud - non divination magic
  • a scroll of tidal wave - USED
  • a coin purse with 900 gold, 155 silver, and 332 copper
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