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Gained 745gp in Act 1 Episode 1. I've been turned blue by some mysterious force (wild magic).

Buying 3 Potion of Healing for 150gp

New totals

Level: 2
Experience: 1/2 to level 3
Coin: 30pp, 310gp
Magic items: Spell Scroll (8th Level) [undetermined]

I think I might do well to sell the scroll and improve my other gear.

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Decided to get 3 potions, not 1
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Act 1 Episode 2. Gained 980gp

Impressed by the ability of a bludgeoning strike to inflict massive damage in the day's battles, Errhed buys a flail for 10gp. He really should be looking at better gear.

Level: 3

Experience: 1/4 to level 4 (double XP) 
Coin: 80pp, 920gp

Magic Items: Adding a Bag of Beans (8) 
       to my existing 8th Level Spell Scroll

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