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Dolar's Level 18 Magic Item

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Many battles have been fought and won since the last visit from The Collective. Dolar recalls all the gifts that they received: Coiling Grasp Tattoo, the beloved Dragonhide belt, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Bracers of Defense, and the Cloak of Displacement

The Verdant recalls the uses of each and how they have assisted them being victorious in battle. Understanding the rules of attunement, Dolar decides to un-attune themselves from the gauntlets to be replaced by the Cloak of Defense once again.

Upon completion of the attunement process, Dolar hears an all too familiar voice speaking the old Draconic language. "Changing things up a bit?" 

Dolar turns to see the hooded figure standing in the room. The same sulfur scent lingering in the air, and wisps of black smoke falling from the dragonborn' s cloak, affirms Dolar's knowledge of who this is.

"Enemies have grown stronger, Sir. I want to be prepared for what comes next," Dolar responds. The dragonborn nods in approval, "Very wise. You have grown very mighty through the years, and have learned how to utilize the skill of the Monk." The dragonborn continues, speaking in a slight melancholy tone. "I remember the first time I came to visit you. That dragonhide belt you now, and continue, to don. A constant reminder of the sacrifice my brother in arms, Kelrish, made during his lifetime." A glimmering tear falls from the hooded cloak.

"His soul is now at rest dear Dragonborn," says Dolar, calmly, as they attempt to console The Collective member. "Indeed," bolsters up the dragonborn, "but still, he was like a brother. One of my closest friends. To this day we remain separated. The last time I saw him was once again, here in your presence when his power was returned from the belt, so he could finally rest. That day I swore we would see each other again."

Dolar asks quizzically, "But how will that be? You said he died in battle? His spirit did live on through the dragonhide belt given to me, but the power was returned back to him and now he is at rest."

"You are correct in everything you speak, Dolar," speaks the dragonborn. "Which is why today is the last time I shall be visiting you."

"I still don't understand!" exclaims Dolar.

"All will be fine young one, do not fret. Whether in this world or the next, I wish to stand beside my brother in arms forever. Today, I will be giving you all power that keeps me coming back. Once I provide you with this, I shall forever be reunited with Kelrish Priyax."

"I think I understand," says Dolar, "but how shall I receive your power?"

"Lend me your Ylkwa." says the dragonborn.

Dolar walks over to where they keep the weapon and hands it over to The Collective member. With outstretched arms, the Ylkwa lays across the claw-like hands. The weapon begins to vibrate and glow, hovering slightly over the dragonborn' s claws. Dolar watches and sees a ghostly trail of energy channeling from the hooded figure's cloak over the monk's weapon. The weapon sinks slowly back down into the hands of the hooded figure and ceases to glow. The dragonborn seems to fall back slightly as if all the energy has drained from his body. Dolar rushes over to assist the hooded figure.

"No, I am fine," says the dragonborn. "This is how it is to be." He hands the weapon back to Dolar. "Your weapon is stronger now, both in attack and in damage. I have given it the strength you need to be victorious in all future adventures."

Dolar inspects the weapon. Scrawled in filigree, on the shaft, are words that Dolar cannot read. "What is this laid into the shaft, Sir?" inquires Dolar. "That, Verdan, is the language of my people. It reads: The power of Three, together vanquishes Evil."

"Three?" asks Dolar, seeming confused. "Yes, three. One for my brother, Kelrish, one for myself, and one, finally, for you. Your inner strength and power, lends to the triad of the power that now resides in your weapon. I wish you well on all your adventures, young one. May you never forget. Keep strong, do what is right, love those around you, and keep true to your values. I must go now. Goodbye Dolar."

As he speaks, Dolar notices the wisps of smoke growing more faint with each word uttered. The scent of sulfur growing less and less. The hooded figure slowly vanishing with each passing second. At the final 'Goodbye Dolar' the dragonborn vanishes into nothing. The room grows silent. In a final farewell, as the monk had done before, Dolar drops to one knee and crosses a fist to their chest and utters a small prayer. The Ki no longer flowing into the monk, but the memories still remain. "May you rest together, forever, in the bonds of brotherly love. Peace be to you both."

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