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Character Sheet: https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/110122003

Episode Played: SQ (Map Boy)
Played Level: 1
Games to Next Level: 1/2 (x2 XP Game)
Level Gained: 2
Session Rewards: 55pp, 305gp, Spell Scroll of 3rd Level (Flame Arrows)

After Session Shopping:
(+1gp) Bundle of 20 Arrows (Sold)
(+25gp) Shortbow (Sold)
(+10gp) Leather Armor (Sold)
(-1gp) Crossbow Bolt Case
(-2gp) Bundle of 20 Bolts (x2)
(-150gp) Hand Crossbow (x2)
(-45gp) Studded Leather Armor

New Totals:
Level: 2
Currency: 55pp, 163gp

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Episode Played: MSV A1E2 (My Brother's Keeper)
Played Level: 2
Games to Next Level: 1/4 (x2 XP Game)
Gained Level: 3
Session Rewards: 50pp, 520gp, Potion of Longevity

During Session:
Currency Conversion: 1gp -> 9sp, 10cp
(-10cp) Tavern (Food and drink)
(-2gp) Dagger

New Totals:
Level: 3
Currency: 105pp, 680gp, 9sp

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