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Tala Nordryn

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Tala Nordryn – Female Tortle Druid
Age:  25yrs (adult at age 15)
Size:  Medium Creature, 5’10”

Home: Deep in the forest of Valenwood, I live in a hollowed-out home in a giant fallen tree.  I have a large garden which is my pride and joy, where I grow medicinal herbs, various flowers, fruits and vegetables.  

Touchstones:  I have lived alone since my adoptive mother Analyn passed away.  Nearest neighbor is a village about half a day’s walk away.  I provide medicines and supplements to their Shaman named Nila, who was a friend of my mother’s.  I visit her and her family twice a year, usually staying for a couple of days, trading my wares for supplies and books, sharing stories over delicious meals and drinks.  
A best friend, a stoat named Alika.  Rescued as a baby and nursed it back to health.  Lived with me until she passed away from old age. Seeing my grief at losing the only friend I had, Wildmother granted me a way to bring her back to me, in a different form than before.  

Likes:  I am a nature lover; every living thing in the forest brings me joy.  
Scent of flowers, rainstorms, taste of honey, etc.  
Sounds of the birds and the insects buzzing around makes my heart sing.  
Gurgling brooks and streams that wind throughout my grove brings me peace.  
I love to meditate by my pond, sitting against the base of a tree, sunbathing.  Smoking a pipe.

Dislikes:  Things being out of balance.    

Strengths:  Calm head under stressful situations.  Patient.   

Weakness:  Liminal.
New to the outside world, difficult time navigating the society’s rules and norms.  
Understanding “human” nature – i.e. lying.

Desires:  To return home safely. 

Quest:  To deliver an important letter to an unknown entity.  
A stranger appeared suddenly in my forest, severely injured, begging for my help to prevent a disaster that could destroy the world.  After the woman handed me a letter that needed to be delivered, she passed away.  Only information I know is the name of the person whom I was to deliver the letter to, and the name of the place I can find them.  A faraway place.  

Gnarled quarterstaff made of polished hardwood – my mother’s.  
Small bone knife - handmade. 
Goodberry Pouch - produces ten Goodberries per day
Tea Pouch – Small kettle, cup and a spoon.  Various dried tea leaves and edible flowers.  Jar of Honey.
Tobacco Pouch – Carved wooden pipe. Pipe cleaners. Mix of tobacco and cannabis – her special blend. 
Leather harness for the pouches and shield to be worn on her shell & chest.
Smell Bag - Sweet, fresh, crisp scent of her grove and garden - Dried fruits, flowers, nuts, berries, leaves, nuts, moss, soil.





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Valenwood is a vast forest on the eastern side of Mount Verdan.  Filled with tall ancient trees of red, green, and purple, it’s a home to numerous creatures. The large clusters of trees are only separated by ponds and streams that zigzag throughout the land, bringing sustenance.  Toward the southern edge, there is an ancient fallen tree that is about fifteen feet in diameter.  On the side of it, is a hollowed-out home.  There are a handful of small windows and a door that were carved out by hand, with shutters made of thick barks, and heavy curtains that cover the doorway.  Inside, there are numerous shelves holding several jars and pots, as well as dried herbs and flowers.  Handmade furniture is scattered throughout the large space.  There are potted plants hanging from the ceiling, moss and fungi grow on the walls providing color.  They fill the space with life and pleasant scents.  Instead of a bed however, there is a low platform with some blankets covering it.  

That’s where I sleep.  As the morning breaks and the sun rises above the treeline, I stretch out my arms and legs, emerging from my shell.  My name is Tala Nordryn, and this is my home.  I stand up on my two legs and stretch again, saying hi to my pet, a stoat named Alika.  I walk over to a carved basin and fill it with water from a jug, washing away the last of my sleep.  I enter the kitchen area and prepare my breakfast of flowers and fruits.  

Once I step outside the front door, I see a large garden, my pride and joy.  There are fruit trees, berry bushes, and root vegetables growing on one side.  Opposite side there are rows of medicinal herbs, and flowering plants with leaves for a perfect tea.  A small pond out in the front provides picturesque scenery, a spring nearby provides fresh water, and there is a thriving beehive that makes honey to sweeten my tea.
I spend most of my mornings gardening and tending to my homestead.  I spend my afternoons meditating and drawing in my journal.  Once in a while, I trek deep into the forest to gather rare herbs and plants.  I carry a staff made out of a gnarled tree that was left to me by my mother Analyn.  It’s been smoothed and polished by years of use.  I have bunches of small leather pouches on a leather harness that can be securely strapped to my shell.  Other than a woolen scarf in the winter and a traveling cloak when I go on my hikes, I don’t wear clothes.   

Walking among the trees, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the birds sing are some of my favorite things.  I also love to sit by my pond, soaking in the afternoon’s sun.  My best friend Alika usually naps on my shoulder while I meditate.

I spend the Winter months resting inside my warm home by the fireplace, mixing herbs for medicines, tea, and tobacco.  When the Spring comes, I’m busy planting new seeds and repairing minor damages around the homestead.  During the summer I go on gathering treks.  In the Fall, I’m busy harvesting the crops and getting ready for the Winter.  

Alika usually accompanies me when I go on my gathering trips.  The journey can be dangerous as the forest is filled with wild creatures and unknown dangers.  There is a bog to the west where few rare tubers and fungi grow.  To the east, there is a large lake that has rare water plants that grow in the bottom.  It’s rare that I’m harassed but when I am, I usually try to convince the creature that I’m not worth the energy.  Only a few listen.  When I end up killing one, I perform the rite to return it to the Wildmother.  Then I extricate the bits that can be salvaged, like fur, bones, and other important ingredients and leave the rest for nature to take back.  

It was late summer, probably my last gathering trip into the woods.  This was the furthest I’ve ever traveled into the forest.  Near the base of the tall mountain, the weather was colder and gloomier.  A distant thunderstorm threatened to catch up with me that evening.  I looked for a shelter to rest for the night.  As I was silently walking, a loud crack reverberated through the forest as a large flash of light appeared about thirty feet ahead of me.  When the light dissipated, a woman was standing there for a second before she fell.  I rushed over and checked on the woman.  She was grievously injured.  I could see the bruises and slashing marks.  And there was a dagger protruding from her back.  I carefully turned her onto her side and checked to see if she was alive.  The woman was barely breathing and a trickle of blood came out of her mouth.  Then the woman opened her eyes and tried to move.  I held her and gently spoke to her.  “Shh, it’s okay.  I won’t hurt you.  You’re safe now.”  The woman whimpered and coughed up blood.  She asked where she was.  I told her that we were deep in the Valenwood forest.  She looked confused and whispered “That can’t be right.  I didn’t mean to come here…”  Her breaths were shallow.  I told the woman that I needed to patch her up as she was bleeding out in several places. I braced myself and pulled out the dagger from her back. The woman gasped sharply at the sensation and increased pain.  I casted a healing spell to heal the profusely bleeding wound.  The woman coughed up more blood.  The puncture wound closed up, but it did little to help.  

She looked at me desperately and said “Please.  There is no time.  I need your help.”

“I know I’m dying, and the mission needs to be completed.”  I tried to assure her that she’ll be fine, but looking at her wounds and where we were, we both knew I was lying.  

“Please listen.  My name is Maynild. I was tasked to deliver a letter.  This is of utmost importance.  Lives of numerous people depend on it, including my wife and young daughter.  I didn’t mean to come here.  I must have made a mistake when I casted my teleport spell. I know this is a lot to ask a stranger.  But please.  Help me save my family and others.  Take this.  It’s magically sealed so only the person who the letter is addressed to may open it.” 

“His name is Sina Havenstar, you can find him at the Wintervaeld Library.  I don’t know how far that is from here.  I know I’m asking a lot but please.  No one can know that you have this letter.  There are people after it.  They shouldn’t know that I came here.  Please, I beg of you.”

Her green eyes were pleading as she gripped my hand. She handed me the small metallic tube that held the letter.  I took it on instinct, not knowing what to say.  Then she took a ring from her left ring finger and gave it to me as well.  “If you can, please bring this to my wife Saadia.  Tell her that I tried.  Tell her I died trying to save them.  Tell her and my daughter Tove that I love them both and thought of them.  Please.”

Then before I could answer, her eyes fluttered, and she let out her last breath.  I sat there in stunned silence.  

I cleaned her up as much as I could, and performed the death rite.  I removed what I could from her body so nature could take her.  I buried the rest except for the items she gave me.  I wanted to leave no trace of her in case her attackers followed her.  I hadn’t made up my mind about delivering the letter.  I hid the letter and the ring inside my shell.  

I was able to find a tree with large overhanging branches that kept the heavy rain at bay.  I lit a small fire to keep warm and tightened the cloak around me.  I couldn’t help thinking over what had happened.  Things like this don’t happen in my world.  To leave my home and travel far to a place I didn’t know sounded daunting.  But what if what she said was true?  That people’s lives were in danger, and I could save them.  But these are strangers to me, do I care?  People die every day.  It’s the way of the Wildmother. Birth and death comes to all of us.  I took out the letter and the ring.  It wasn’t the letter that held my gaze but the ring.  I imagined not knowing what happened to someone I loved.  Don’t her wife and daughter deserve to know?  I put them away in a small leather pouch, back into my shell.  And I retreated into my shell and slept.  

I spent the next few days returning to my home.  The task that was asked of me weighed heavily on my mind.  When I arrived home, I cleaned up and stored away my gatherings, and continued to harvest the last of my crops.  As I prepared for the coming winter, I couldn’t let it go.  “Please save my people.” 

Then I had a dream.  I was walking among my favorite trees, soaking in the late afternoon sun.  I arrived at my pond and watched the sunlight glittering on the water’s surface.  Then I heard a voice.  I looked around but saw no one.  I heard a deep rumbling of a woman’s voice.  

“I am the sunlight that casts down on the world, providing nourishment.  I am the rain that feeds the forest, making it grow.  I am the whisper of the life that surrounds you.  I am the Wildmother.”  

I knelt down and bowed my head.  “I can feel the unbalance that’s happening in your world.  What you carry is important and can make a difference.  You must go, my child.  Do the task that was asked of you.  Go into the world and be my champion.”

I answered her back.  “Wildmother, I do not know where to go, how far this place is.  I do not know how to get there.  I have never been out of the Valenwood except to the Swarven village.  I am not an adventurer.  I am not strong enough.”

I heard her voice again, stronger this time. “Do not fear my child for I shall be with you.  You do not know your strength yet.  And where your destiny lies.  Put your trust in me and yourself, and go forth.” 

When I woke up, I knew what I had to do.  I packed up a travel pack with what I might need.  Then I gathered up the perishables I had grown as well as the medicinal herbs and supplements I had created, and put them on a small wagon.  I locked up what I could and said goodbye to my home.  

I walked all afternoon and arrived at the Swarven village in the late evening.  I headed to my friend Nila’s house.  She was the Shaman of this village, and an old friend of my mother’s.  I visited her twice a year with items to trade.  I stayed over for a couple of days, gathering new supplies, listening to stories that Nila and her family shared over a delicious meal and drinks.  I was treated fairly in this village as I brought ingredients to Nila so she could help them heal, and a few tools and trinkets I’d gathered from my trips.  

I told Nila that I had to leave, but not the reason why.  She asked a few questions but knew not to push me.  I gave her the crops I had gathered so they wouldn’t go to waste.  She handed me a Goodberry Pouch in return.  She asked her partner Kitor to escort me to Veikryss, the nearest town where they traveled a handful of times a year to trade goods and supplies.  Next morning she hugged me and wished me well on my travels.  We left on what turned out to be about five days of travel on horseback.  
When I arrived, no one had heard of my destination; few suggested I travel further out to a larger town or a city.  I was introduced to a merchant who was traveling in that direction and was allowed to join his caravan.  

My journey took weeks.  I traveled by horseback & a cart, then a ship. I crossed a vast amount of distance, traveling from towns to town.  Trying to survive, stay safe, to get my bearings.  I saw people of different races, wearing clothes I’ve never imagined, speaking languages I didn’t understand.  I didn’t understand the customs and rules of how towns and cities functioned.  I managed to talk myself out of a handful of bad situations, was mugged a couple of times but managed to make it out okay.  When I needed to, I took on odd jobs to gather enough coins to make it to the next part of the journey.  I booked a passage on a ship by doing grunt work.  

Throughout my journey, I was constantly on alert, trying to make sure I wasn’t being followed or hunted by those I was warned about.  But that was hard as I didn’t know what these people looked like, never mind who they were.  

I arrived at Rhendorran early this morning.  I got a glimpse of how large this city was yesterday afternoon as the ship rounded the corner.  Seeing it up close didn’t make it easier, rather more daunting.  The buildings were larger and fancier than anything I’ve seen so far.  

------ To be continued in the game  ------


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A Day in the Life of Tala

I get up early in the morning and spend an hour or so at the market district, watching the hustle & bustle of the vendors setting up, and the merchants negotiating with each other for the goods to sell or buy.  Not many shoppers this early in the morning, although you do see some early birds outside the bakery lining up for their turn.  I listen to their gossip & news, and watch their interactions - body language & facial expressions to learn.  Sometimes I go over to the Dock Ward and watch the ships loading and unloading.  

I grab a couple of loaves of bread from the Bakery and head back home.  I drop them off in the kitchen for Frysta and Taraminder who usually cook breakfast.  Then I spend an hour or so in the greenhouse tending to my plants and seedlings.  I like the smell of the soil, scent of the flowers and the early crisp morning air.  I make sure the bird feeders & bird baths are full.  I may sit out by the little seating area that I had built for a smoke before I head in for breakfast with the others.  I like having some time to myself before the day starts.  

Breakfast is usually filled with food prepared by Taraminder & Frysta.  They make a good team.  Andy is there, eating with gusto as she loves food.  Lorcann, Rannan, and Ainsel join us.  Sitting around the table, we discuss the plans for the day.  

Most days Ainsel spends his time at the library researching the Salvation Key.  Rannan goes out about town, trying to remember her past by talking to people or visiting record houses or libraries.  Lorcann usually goes out, either in town or out, trying to earn coins.  Frysta and Andy spend time at the University for their own reasons.  Andy’s taking classes on History and Frysta seems to be researching for something secretive.  

I like to spend about an hour at the Temple, then head out to watch people at the market, the docks, the taverns and restaurants where people gather; trying to pick up social skills.  I like trying out new foods at the street vendors.  Then I spend the late afternoon in my garden or working on alchemy.  I catch up with the gang over dinner.  After dinner, I try to read and ponder the day, reflecting on what I have learned.  I go to bed early so I can get up early the next day.  

Sometimes at night, I wake up from a dream of home and nostalgia fills my heart.  I message Andy to hear her voice for comfort.  

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My friend Andy Quickfoot

Andy is my friend.  She’s the first Halfling I ever got to spend quality time with.  

  • She loves food and eats a lot.  I was quite surprised at how someone so small could fit all that food into her body.  
  • She loves to sleep.  She’s very groggy and quite annoyed when she’s woken up.  But she’s very patient with me and I love her for it.  
  • She plays her drum and flute very well.  She likes to perform at taverns and inns.  I like watching her perform.  She wrote me a song once.  It was very nice.
  • She’s looking for her older brother Beck.  He left his family & home secretly one day and she was very upset by that.  She left to go find him.  I think she’s very worried about him.
  • She’s outgoing, fun, yet very cautious.  She doesn’t like doing things that might cause trouble.  I think it may be because of how her grandmother admonished her in front of the whole village.  It was very traumatic for her.  She doesn’t like trees either for the same reason.
  • Andy is one of my friends.  When I get upset in the middle of the night because of nightmares or homesickness, she comforts me, even though I woke her up. She’s patient with me and always responds so I don’t feel alone.
  • She worried about me when I went off with Lorcann, worried that I wouldn’t come back.  I would never leave without saying goodbye.  
  • She’s studying history and magic.  I think it’s neat.  She’s learning to do stuff I don’t understand, although sometimes I learn by watching her.  
  • Andy is VERY confident and good with people.  She seems to be able to know what people are thinking just by looking at them.  She says things and people listen, and do as she asks.  I hope to learn more by watching her.
  • I like playing pranks on her, like I used to with Charlie.  Charlie was my friend, a wolf cub.  We were best friends.  Then Charlie got sick and died.  I miss him terribly.  

I want to be a good friend to Andy like she’s been mine.  Taraminder told me that she likes Andy.  She said that she found Andy pretty and nice, and that she made her feel safe.  Andy gave Taraminder her old armor, one that was made by her uncle.  She loved that armor and didn’t want to get rid of it.  Giving it to Taraminder surprised me but it just shows how much she cares for Taraminder.  I didn't know Andy liked her too.  I’m glad I didn’t tell her I liked Taraminder because it may have been weird between us if we both liked the same person. I’m not sure how that works.

My heart hurt when Taraminder told me that she liked Andy.  But I want my friends to be happy.  Taraminder feels too shy and scared to approach Andy.  I know that feeling too well.  I shall be a supportive friend and step back. I hope they make each other very happy.  

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My friend Frysta

Frysta is one of my best friends.  She’s easy to talk to and I feel comfortable asking her for her advice.  

  • She cooks really well, most of the time.  She and Taraminder makes our breakfast every morning.  
  • She doesn’t sleep.  Instead she meditates.  I’ve never met someone who doesn’t sleep.  It’s pretty cool.
  • Sometimes when she fights, she cuts herself to put blood on her weapons.  It makes me worry.  I don’t know why she does it.  It’s some sort of magic called hemocraft.  I hope it doesn’t hurt her too much.
  • She’s really good at disguising herself.  She puts on wigs, hats, and clothes she normally doesn’t wear, and sometimes puts on makeup. I know it’s still Frysta because I’m her friend.  But I don’t think strangers know that.  She also is good at copying people’s handwriting or write in fancy letters.  And make identifications too.  She’s so cool!!  I love having her as a friend.
  • She doesn’t like to talk about her home.  She says she has family and misses home but she doesn’t like to talk about it.  I hope everything is okay.  
  • She’s researching something but won’t tell us what she’s researching.  That’s alright. I have a secret too.
  • I think Frysta and Ainsel may not like each other.  Frysta teases him a lot.  She lied to him the other evening.  She told him she was going out for a walk but she came into our room instead.  She didn’t want to stay in the same room with him.   I feel bad for putting them in the same room together.  I hope they can get along well enough while we try to find Cari.  Maybe I should make sure they’re not alone together.  
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Taraminder is a Halfling that we met a while back.  

  • She was working for a mean man who was doing bad things.  I think he treated her awfully but she said he was her employer and that it was okay.  The mean man made her do bad things too, like holding people in a cell.  I think she feels very bad about that.  He was working on something that made his lab explode.  Taraminder saved his life but lost her arm in the process.  He gave her a prosthetic arm and she’s grateful for it.  I think it was the least he could do to thank her for saving his life.   
  • She is skittish like my friend Charlie.  Charlie used to be scared of loud noises.  He hated thunderstorms.  She acts like him when she’s scared, which seems often.  I feel bad.  Mom used to tell me to hold him tight and talk to him, try to comfort him so he didn’t get scared.  It helped him sometimes.  I wish I could do that for Taraminder.
  • I really like Taraminder.  I wish I didn’t make her nervous so we could spend more time together.  I like being around her.  But sometimes I get nervous too.  My heart starts to beat faster when I hear her voice.  I want to sit next to her.  I want to talk to her like how I talk to Andy and Frysta, without stuttering or being nervous.  Maybe if I become her “good” friend she would want to hang out with me too.
  • I talked to Andy and Frysta, trying to get their advice on how to be a “good” friend.  They suggested I find out what she likes to do and try to show interest.  Frysta suggested that I take over for her making breakfast the next morning, that way I could spend time with her.  We came up with a plan.  Frysta will stay up all night and then come to my room to wake me up and say that she was too tired to cook breakfast and that I should go and help Taraminder.  I was very excited.  But it went horribly wrong.  She didn’t want my help with the breakfast.  She didn’t want to be in the kitchen with me, offered to leave.  I was scared that she would.  We went back and forth for a bit, both offering to leave.  Then I remembered Frysta said to be direct.  So I told her firmly that she should stay and continue to cook eggs and cut up fruit while I made potato pancakes.  I burnt them batch after batch.  I got so embarrassed that I left.  I couldn’t face her.  When she came to get me for breakfast later on, I didn’t even see her.  I just yelled that I was fine.  
  • I realized that I have feelings for her.  Romantic feelings.  I never thought about finding a mate.  I lived as a hermit and was content to live that way.  But when I see Taraminder, I find myself wanting to hold her hand, to spend time with her, just the two of us.  To tell her things about myself and learn things about her.  I want to see her smile all the time.  I want to hear her laughter.  I want to see her hands buried in soil, planting seedlings and to smell the earth.  I want to make her happy.  I told Frysta about my feelings and she said she already knew.  She told me to be direct, tell her how I feel, what I want.  
  • Today we were out in town, trying to figure out a way to find Cari.  Taraminder went to Mumzig’s lab.  While we were waiting for Andy and Rhae, I decided to go to the lab and spend time with Taraminder where she was comfortable.  I bought some sandwiches and pumpkin chai and went to the lab.  Taraminder was there with Mumzig and Kellany.  I was allowed to sit and watch them work.  I fell asleep.  Taraminder woke me up when she was done and was leaving.  I asked to leave with her.  As we were walking, she asked me if I gave a lot of gifts.  I said I have given gifts.  I wondered if she meant the sandwich (which she didn’t eat) and the chai.  She asked what it meant if someone gave them a very special gift.  I asked her about it and she told me that Andy gave her her old leather armor.  I knew that armor was very special to Andy.  I told Taraminder that, and that Andy must like her a lot to give her such a special gift.  Taraminder smiled and my heart broke.  I asked her if she liked Andy too.  She became a bit flustered but said yes.  I felt a sharp pain in my chest; I never felt that before. I gave her the same advice Andy and Frysta gave me.  To find out what Andy liked to do and find time together.  I suggested she go watch Andy perform.  She seemed to be scared of doing that.  I wished her luck, even as my heart was breaking.  
  • I’m trying to comfort myself.  This must be what people mean when they talk about a broken heart.  I feel like my heart is broken.  I love Andy.  If she likes Taraminder and vice versa, how can I not want that for them? I want both of them to be happy.  I will have to figure out a way to be supportive without showing my broken heart.  
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New friend/teacher Diamond

I made a new friend tonight.  Her name is Diamond and she gave me my first experience.

I was a bit glum after my breakfast disaster with Taraminder and was feeling sorry for myself.  Lorcann asked me why I looked so dejected.  I told him that both Andy and Frysta were better than I was.  He suggested what I needed was experience, and that he can help me get it.  I jumped at the chance.  Few hours later, I followed him to a place called the Red Candlelight District.  He gave me a quick hug and wished me luck.  I told him I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.  He asked me if I had coins to which I replied yes.  He told me that’s all I needed and left me standing there on the street.   

A moment later, a beautiful woman approached me and asked if I needed help.  I told her that I was there for an experience.  She told me that I’d come to the right place, that they were all experienced there.  I asked if she was one of the experienced and she said yes.  She asked me what I was looking for.  I told her that I wanted to learn how to make someone not be nervous.  She suggested that offering them a drink is a good way and invited me up to her room to show me.  I eagerly followed.  

Her room was beautifully decorated with colorful decor and numerous pillows.  It smelled pleasantly exotic and was warmly lit with candles.  She invited me to sit and offered me a drink.  It tasted fine but made my tongue numb.  She sat close to me and leaned in.  She slowly reached out to touch the back of my hand as she asked me if I was nervous.  As we talked, her hand slowly caressed up and down my arm.  I felt comfortable with her though I was confused.  She moved closer to me and slowly played with my cheek.  It felt really good but a bit intimate.  I told her that I didn’t think I could do that to Taraminder.  

She looked at me curiously and asked me to clarify what kind of experience I was looking for.  I told her I needed social lessons.  She laughed sweetly and asked me how I ended up in the Red Candlelight District.  I told her what happened, how Lorcann brought me here for a lesson, to get more experience.  She chuckled and told me what this place was, what she was.  I was shocked as I didn’t know a place like this existed.  And that Lorcann brought me here for a sexual experience.  

I knew what sex was; I was a druid afterall.  But I had long ago accepted the fact that I was going to live my life as a hermit and having a mate wasn’t going to happen.  So I didn’t think about sex.  I had heard about love, mating, etc. along my travels.  Spending time with the sailors was an eye opening experience.  But I wasn’t familiar with the mating rituals of people.  And I was a Tortle.  How can I have sex with someone other than a Tortle?  I was confused.  

She put me at ease and we talked more about her line of work.  As we talked, I became fascinated by her body.  She was gorgeous; I’d never seen another person like her.  Her skin was soft, firm, and in certain places she had scales.  They reflected the light from the candles and became iridescent.  I asked Diamond if I could touch her skin.  She said yes.  She untied her top and turned to show me her back.  It was like staring into a beautiful gem, like a diamond.  It felt so smooth.  I started to feel things I never felt before.  She gazed into my eyes and asked me if I wanted an experience.  I whispered yes.  She leaned closer to me, grabbed my face with her hands and kissed me.  

Only time I’d ever kissed was my mom when I was little.  This was not how my mom kissed me.  Her lips were soft, smooth, and firm.  It was gentle at first, then became a bit demanding. My heart started to beat faster.  After a very pleasant moment, she leaned back and said, “There.  You’ve had your first experience.”  Mesmerized by her and the experience, I could only smile.  

Then our time was up.  I paid her 75gp.  She told me she normally charges 175gp but since I didn’t have a full experience, she was charging me less.  I asked her if I could see her again.  She told me yes, as long as she wasn’t with another client.  I thanked her and left.

I was overwhelmed. I had never felt like that before.  So that’s what it’s like to kiss someone.  That’s when I realized that I wanted to kiss Taraminder like that.  The realization hit me hard.  I didn’t want to just be Taraminder’s friend.  I wanted to be more.  But how could I be her mate?  I’m a Tortle and she’s a Halfling.  Then my mind wandered and I was lost in thought as I walked home.  

When I arrived, I couldn’t go inside the house.  Instead, I walked to the back of the house and spent the night in the greenhouse.  I missed my mother.  She would have explained all this to me, comforted me, and gave me advice.  I missed being held by her.  Her smell, her touch, her singing to me as she tucked me in.  For the first time in a long time, I felt all alone.  I cried quietly into the night.  

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Viol (30gp) - a gift for Kryssa


Yarn of various weight, colors & material (10 skeins) and knitting needles & crochet hook. (10gp) - to knit scarves for her friends. 

Rustic outdoor chairs & accessories for the sitting area by the green house (12gp) - two Adirondack chairs for friends, one wooden chair with leather strap backing for Tala, four birdbaths, and several bird feeders and seeds. 

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Kyrissa - my friend?

I have been worry about Kyrissa since our escape from the Halkalian Keep, and her being disowned by her mother. I could tell from her demeanor that she liked Delwyn very much and may have fought for his behalf because of it. She risked all to help him but in the end had to accept the fact that Delwyn’s heart belongs to another. 


I sympathized with her because I had experienced something similar. I wanted to show her that she was still our friend and that we cared about her. 

I bought a violin for her. It was expensive but I wanted to make her feel better. When I got home I saw her talking to Lorcann and I asked her for a private chat. 

I told her that I thought it was brave of her to risk everything for her childhood friend Delwyn. That I was sorry her mother disowned her. I told her I understood how she might be feeling because I was in a similar situation. I reminded her about how she was the fourth violin player at her mother’s house. But with us, she was our number one. I handed her the violin. 

Her reaction was not at all what I expected. She got angry and “thanked” me for bringing up all the bad stuff. She told me she didn’t know how to play the violin, that I misunderstood her, that she had used metaphor. She stomped off, left me sitting there, feeling stupid. 

She lied to me. She told Andy that she was trained in violin. But told me that she didn’t know how to play. 

Tary told me that friends don’t lie. I thought Kyrissa was my friend. 

My heart hurts…

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“A Very Bad Day”

It started off with a summons from Captain Ealdric. It was specifically for Frysta but we all went. He was angry with Frysta for all her antics involving him. He did not arrest her but gave her community service. I don’t know what that is but when I volunteered to help Frysta, she refused my help. As we were leaving I asked Captain Ealdric for his help finding Sina, the librarian in the Royal Library. He refused. 

I went shopping for few things. Yarns, knitting & crochet needles so I can make scarves for my friends. Specifically Frysta. She said she hates the cold and it’s autumn now. I also ordered few outdoor furniture and accessories - a rustic wooden chair with leather straps for the seat and back for me, a couple of regular chairs for friends, and several birdbaths and feeders. Also bought some wooden logs for carving as well as wood carving tools. Bought a violin to give to Kyrissa. 

I tried to talk to Kyrissa and give her the violin. It went horribly wrong. 

We met Delwyn at the Lady Fauncere’s Manor. It was a very fancy place. I was excited, hoping we’d get to meet Cari. When we were shown into the sitting room, there was no adequate chair for me. So I ended up sitting on the floor. 


I tried to explain why we were there. Lady Fauncere disapproved of my way of talking. I was embarrassed. Andy took over the talking and I had to look to her for permission to talk. I felt very out of place. But we got to see Cari. I went over and gave her a hug and got a hug back. I was happy. 

We got to Cari’s house and we talked about the Salvation Key. There was some disagreements and discussions about how each group came to their own conclusions. Cari agreed to meet with Mumzig and Professor Xephrial to see their research and to hold off further work on her Salvation Key. As we left, I gave her another hug. 

As we walked back home, I noticed that Frysta was not happy. I asked her about it and she went off. She asked Andy & I how we could be so friendly with Cari, weren’t we mad? Cari had stolen Berigg’s notes, left without saying goodbye, and was making another Salvation Key even after we told her how dangerous it was. 

I had never seen Frysta so angry. Instinctively I cowered. She looked so disappointed in me. My heart hurt. Not being able to deal with all these emotions, I turned into a mastiff. Andy got on my back and rode home. That part was good. 

When we got home, everyone was there. Lorcann had made dinner and he made a comment of how easy it was to make pasta. It reminded me of my breakfast failure and I couldn’t help it. I turned into a puppy to hide under a furniture. Peri came over and kept trying to make me play. He wouldn’t stop so I ran away. 


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“Need guidance”

I run away to the temple, seeking comfort and guidance. I seek out Cevethi.

“I left home on a quest that I have yet to complete. It’s the reason why I’m here. I can’t seem to deliver a simple letter. 

I have disappointed a friend whom I have looked to as my elder, someone who have guided me. I’m concerned that I may have lost her trust. 

I cannot seem to talk without giving offense to the nobles. My friend Andy had to talk for me. I needed her permission to speak so I didn’t mess up more; had to look to her for approval like a child. My body doesn’t seem to fit either. I don’t wear clothes, never have. Trying to come up with ways to dress-up has made me look and feel foolish. I have a shell as my torso. It’s not soft and it’s bulky. I couldn’t sit on the sofas or the love seat; I ended up sitting on the floor. 

I tried to make Kyrissa feel better and let her know I care about her, instead I somehow offended her and she lied to me. 

I make Tary uncomfortable. More importantly she doesn’t think of me in a romantic way. She and Andy like each other. They’re my friends and I want them to be happy. I have seen them together and Tary lightens up when Andy speaks to her. My heart hurts even though I should be really happy. 

I feel inadequate. I keep making mistakes. Can I do anything right? I miss my mom. My home. But even if I return home, will it be like before? Can I be satisfied with a solitary life, with only animals and plants as friends?

This is a big world and I can’t seem to find my footing. 

I want to fulfill the promise I made to Maynild, but should I be focusing on that? I am involved in something bigger with the Salvation Key. I am confused as to if it’s okay to build it like Cari says or if I should help the group convince Cari to stop working on it.”

RP with Fey/Cevethi to get guidance. 

(If Fey is okay) have Cevethi give her a shield made from the bark of the Ebbenroot Tree to use it as the new holy symbol.

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I run away to the temple, seeking comfort and guidance. I seek out Cevethi.

“I left home on a quest that I have yet to complete. It’s the reason why I’m here.

I have disappointed a friend who I had looked to as my elder, someone who have given me guidance until now.

I cannot even talk without giving offense. I needed my friend Andy to talk for me. 

I tried to make Kryssa feel better and let her know I care about her, instead I somehow offended her so much she lied to me. 

I make Tary uncomfortable. 

I feel alone. I keep making mistakes. Can I do anything right? I miss my mom. My home. 

This is a big world and I can’t seem to find my footing. 

Help me. I want to fulfill the promise I made to Maynild and return home. But I feel as if I am involved in something bigger. The Salvation Key. Shall I stay & help my friends? Or concentrate on fulfilling my duty and return home? Where I belong?”

RP with Fey/Cevethi to get guidance. 

(If Fey is okay) have Cevethi give her a shield made from the bark of the Ebbenroot Tree to use it as the new holy symbol.

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Posted Dec 27th, 2022 - first episode 

Arrived at Rhendorran, joined a large caravan to head to Wintervaeld.  Caravan was hijacked and all the people were taken hostage by large group of bandits.  Met Andy and Frysta.  After days of walking with our hands tightly bound, we arrived at a place called The Mound which was the bandit's headquarters.  The people from the caravan were separated into a different groups by Big Sig, the boss of the bandit crew.  We were separated and put into a cell already occupied by a noble named Delwyn Strevengar, to be ransomed off.  Delwyn was in shock and couldn't answer any of our questions.  Our belongs were put inside the cell but off to the side.  The guards were just outside the door, making sure we weren’t making too much noise and was staying put with our hands tied.  

A large commotion began outside, and the guards rushed toward the prison door to see what was happening.  Two small gnomes appeared and attempted to rescue the Delwyn Strevengar.  They told us to step aside while they opened the door.  As they rushed off with their prize, we untied our hands, grabbed our stuff and ran after them as the guards and additional back up arrived with Big Sig.  

We ran while trying to outrun the bandits that were chasing us.  We were able to track the gnomes and ran up the stairs which collapse behind us, temporarily cutting off the bandits.  We ran into a large room where there were bodies of different stages of decay strewn about.  Then a bright light exploded outside, and the roof partially collapsed where we were, and the dead bodies started to move and attack us.  We had to run across the room to the other side where there was a door leading outside.  I lost consciousness as we failed to kill some of the zombies and was revived by Andy.  When we were outside, another large explosion happened again and all of us lost consciousness.  

Woke up at a strange place, lying on a bed, bandaged up.  Both Andy and Frysta were beside me, in a similar condition.  An old man introduced himself as Brother Berigg, a priest of some kind.  I asked him where we were and what had happened.  He told us that we were at a place called Llanmarec, then asked us to eat first and try to take it easy.  After that he’d answer any questions that we might have.  Brother Ainsel, Berigg’s apprentice walked in with bowls of stew.  We ate while trying to get our bearings.  

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Posted on Jan 3rd, 2022 - second episode

Woke up at the Temple of Solanthra - a God of Sunlight, after sleeping for days.  Brother Ansel and Brother Berigg were aiding them in their recovery.  They are told about the Falling Sky Crisis, and how no one is traveling right now.  It was a devout named Cari who saved them from The MoundTala notices a silvery mark on her hand that wasn't there before, as well as new marks on her two companions.  Brother Ainsel informs us that these anomalies have been seen on other survivors as well, and the only way to keep it at bay is to have him heal it as he has a special skill.  With the burning skies still happening, everyone is on a lock down mode, but they are allowed to walk the grounds or visit the local town.  They're told we're not prisoners but there is a doubt among the party. 

Tala wonders outside looking for a piece of nature to meditate.  With no luck she approaches a guard and ask.  Captain Steralda tells that only nature around here was the forest outside the town but warns Tala not go wondering out into the forest as it's dangerous.  Tala goes and sits on the side of the dirt road and meditates/prays to the Wildmother.  Afterwards she joins her two companions at the tavern. 

As the group is heading back, Frysta overhears a conversation between Brother Berigg and someone who's identified as Father KailandrosFather Kailandros tells Brother Berigg now that all three of us are better, there's nothing keeping him here and that he's needed to help them find the Relic of the Solanthra.  

The group talks it over and decide to follow the Father Kailandros' group.  As they sneak out, they're confronted by Brother Ainsel who reluctantly lets them go.  As they follow the large pilgrimage party, they're attacked by two bandits - Malibar and Dask, two half-orcs.  After defeating them, they decide to head back to the temple.  After talking a bit more, the group rest.  

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Posted Jan 9th, 2023 - third episode

Woke up to Master Folmar who informs us that the pilgrimage group is lost, not answering the Sending message.  The group is tasked to go find them.  They encounter some Bandits on the way.  Arrive at the Ramsdale Village which seemed to be deserted. 

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Posted Jan 10th, 2023 - third episode 

Invited inside the Mayor's house by Yorrin.  Fed porridge and was knocked unconscious.  Held captive in the cellar with five other people - Felix the leader.  Waited until Yorrin came down to feed us and attacked him in wolf form.  After he's killed, other people leave for Llanmarec, party heads to the center of the time to check out the Blight.  A shadow tree tries to strike a bargain.  Tala attacked as a wolf.  Killed the tree which turned into muck, underneath the muck was a statue.  Statue cracks and an Earth Genasi emerges.  


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Posted Jan 17th, 2023 - fourth episode 

The Earth Genasi mage does not remember her name or where she's from.  Her pendant said Rannan'kzaga'barrad in primordial.  Calling her Rannan.  She joins the group as the party heads north.  Arrives at the ruin of the temple.  Finds a hatch door leading down to the catacombs.  Finds a soldier in shock, claiming his friends rose from the dead and turned into a zombie.  Continued decent below and fought zombies and Father Kailandros.  As he died he said "You will be fools to oppose us.  We herald cannot be stopped."

Found crushed body of Brother Berigg, who's skull was crushed.  Tala realizes that he sacrificed himself on purpose that way so no one could use "Speak with Dead" and gain his secrets.  Brother Ansel took his satchel/notes and the party left the catacombs.  Upon reaching the top, noticed zombies surrounding the party.

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Posted Jan 24th, 2023

As the group is surrounded by the swarm of Undead, a light appears - Devout Cari shows up and leads the group to safety - an old Paladin Barracks.  We review Brother Berigg's notes.  

Do not trust any sources.  They need multiple components - a component for fey, shadow, destruction and a conduit mechanism to draw them all together.  He lead them into the temple to distract Father Kailandros from the conduit shards but he doesn't specify where the shards are.  He states that he'll sacrifice himself to stall Father Kailandros from finding the fallen star fragment.  He also believes that Master Folmar is not involved in this quest. 

The shards are likely scattered into a star shaped pattern.  Destroying the pieces can stop the crisis, end the curse upon us.  

Devout Cari states that she's looking for the Salvation Key which may be the same?? The group decides to join her.  

The group realizes that they're being followed - an earth giant named Deathrock who is 8' tall and has corpses sticking out of him.  The group sees a huge light beam emanating not far from them.  They go to investigate.  

The group finds one of the items they're looking for down in a ravine.  Adamantite construct design, One shard in the center.  3 Astral Diamonds - size of a medium sized creature's forearm.  One white light, one gray light, one darkness that hurts the eyes to look at.  

They put the conduit inside a magic bag that Cari carries.  As they try to climb out of the ravine, Big Sig appears, telling them to surrender.  The group refuses and a group of 20 marauders descend on the group.  

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“A greeting to those who would pursue terrible power—and an assurance that we shall never rest while those like yourselves continue quests for such powers that belong only to the gods. And further: a special salutation to the young cleric who took up a mantle and has yet to answer its call. Where blood has spilt, let it serve as a testament to the consequences of hesitation. ~SH, the Order of Fate’s Design.”


What does this mean?? All this time I was trying to deliver a letter to the ones trying to kill us? I thought Sina Havenstar was just a librarian. Deliver the letter, find Maynild’s family and let them know of her death. That was supposed to be it. 

How long had Sina known that I existed? That I had a letter for him? Why didn’t he come to me so I could hand him the letter? The letter was very important Maynild said. Life and death important. Did she lie to me? Why?


He tried to kill my friends because I failed to deliver it?? What’s in this letter?? 

I am angry. Angry at myself and Maynild.  Furious at this man Sina. Fate’s Design has been trying to stop us. All this time I thought once they realized that we weren’t after any gods’ power, they’d leave us alone. Now I know that the truth doesn’t matter to them. They are following the Angel of Lies after all. I should have known better. 

We need to know what’s in this letter. I hope we get some insight into this organization and help us stop them. 

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