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Erghan Lumberfriend Anaklathi


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Born to a tribe of nomadic, hunter-gatherer goliaths, Erghan wandered away from his people at the young age of only years. Perhaps he was drawn to the wilds by a sense of wanderlust or maybe his separation from family was accidental--he doesn't know and never gives it much thought. As far as Erghan is concerned, he was meant to live on his own and survive as the wilder animals do--fending for life, sustenance, and shelter amidst the bestial struggle of the natural order.

During his earliest years, Erghan made his stead in a particular woodland grove and made it his home for a time. In his loneliness he befriended the trees and often spoke with them--peculiar as the behavior might seem. Whether they replied or even cared, no one knows for sure, but Erghan believed these trees to be his family. They sheltered him from storms and offered him fallen branches for kindling to keep warm at night.

When one day woodsmen came and began to harvest his favored trees for lumber, Erghan was enraged and attacked them--only to be driven away by militia from the nearby settlement. Try as he might, he was forced to abandon this home and seek another elsewhere in the wilds. Erghan mourned for his lost friends and the company they'd given, and though he found solace in other similar groves later, he would always fondly recall that first grove.

Thenceforth, Erghan took the name Lumberfriend, for he swore to protect the trees that protected him from the weather in his slumber. "A tree can never betray you," he likes to say. "Nor will it take more than its share."

Wise words?

Maybe. Maybe not.

At least Erghan thinks so!

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