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There was a disharmony before the crash. The circuits and hardware revealing the software's immanent rebellion. Not that Es was paying mind to that—no, their mind was in its own disharmony.

Red jacket. Purple hair. It was an odd combination. One that caused an echo of emotion in Es's chest. 

Blue light. Black screen.

Es saw what he wanted to least see in that moment: shaggy pink hair, a fair-skinned and lightly freckled face, white eyes behind glasses. Himself, filled with a foreign emotion. 

He swore as he stood. Anywhere, anywhere but here. He had to get away, had to smoke, had to breathe. But Es was stopped. An arm, stronger than his own. A bar to this cell. 

It would be a lie to say Es didn't remember what they did. Of course Es remembered. And they didn't care. That might change in the future. Maybe after the cigarette ashes fall. Maybe after they figure out what's going on with everything. Maybe never.

Es drew in a breath, held the nicotine infused smoke, and released. An old routine. A friend. His mind returned to the others, to who he might have called friends.

K was easy. They were comfortable. Es was going to have to talk to them. What could he say to not jeopardize their friendship? He couldn't be vague, not entirely. And he already hinted to some things. Maybe just give the basics and no details. It would be safer. "I used to clear evidence of crimes." No mention of how good he was, how he felt. Just the fact. Es could leave it there and K could extrapolate. Like Null had done. 

The memory brought a small smile to Es's face. Null thinking them a custodial worker. Of course, Es was vague with the details. They didn't want Null to think less of them. But the thought now came with the memory of Mac's jacket around Null. Purple and red, red and purple. An odd pairing, but it could be captivating. Es reached for another cigarette. It didn't matter how Es thought or what the strange feeling brought up was- is- was. Nullodeous and Amos were their own people. Es was their own person, too. And that brought its own strange emotions.

Mac was always the complicated one, it seems. First with the rooms, then the pirates, and now this. They were both androids, sure. They shared that much. Perhaps their pasts, as criminals, was shared, too. Es recalled the memory of watching Mac on the ship before the Forgettening, as its been called. Another inhale, hold, exhale. Why couldn't Mac just take the face value? Es's face value was very desirable by design. 

Two cigarettes down. Mind's still messy.

But time keeps going. And the bridge is waiting.

So, Es makes his way to the elevator. 

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1. Erase the evidence of crimes - for who?? Who hired him? Was this his occupation? Does he remember any specifics such as whose records he deleted?

2. How does he feel about someone else erasing records? Did he work alone before or was he a part of an organization? Renegade group? Could it be someone from that group?

3. Why does he distrust the Legionnaires? Did they instruct him to delete records? Was there a conspiracy? A power struggle?

4. Does he feel jealous of the seemingly growing friendship between Mac & Null?? Does he think there’s something romantic going on between them??

5. Es has woken up without his memory previously. What if he has something of a split personality?? Is he the one who’s deleting the records and doesn’t realize it? Is he missing time??

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1. Who indeed? It was an occupation for Es, he got paid for his work. He also got other things. 

2. Es doesn't remember being a part of a group. There's no good feelings associated to these files being deleted. Mainly frustration and a bit of anger and curiosity.

3. Es has their reasons for any distrusts. 

4. Does he? Hmmm

5. Es does not have a split personality. Es is the only person currently inhabiting his body. 

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