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Pyre's Rites of Passage Memories

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I still think back to that night. The Rites of Passage. The ideals and trials of our clan that shape us into the formidable hunters we are. Every member of our tribe goes through this, and it shapes who we are. I remember it well. The beginning of a journey that would take me from just a normal child of the tribe to protecting my realms and others from threats, both seen and unseen.

The Rites of Passage are the very essence of our clan, the Embershard Clan. There's not a day or night that goes by that I don't think about those rites, what I went through and how it's shaped me into who I am. These rights are very sacred to our tribe, so much so that one can be banished just for sharing a mere thought about it with outsiders. On one hand, I take my tribe's rules very seriously, not wanting to jeopardize my standing with the clan that I hold dear to my heart. On the other, I know there are curious minds who yearn for the knowledge that outsiders like me bring to this realm. It is a very tough thing balancing the thoughts of others with the sacred memories of home.

My mind races back to that night of the first rite, The Trial of Flames. I remember everything vividly - the tribe members cheering, the open pit of flames rising high in the sky like someone raising their hands to the heavens and my heart pounding in chest like someone taking a hammer to an anvil. This is the trial that ends my adolescence, that transforms me into the adult that stands firm today. The flames, both magical and natural, feel warm on my skin like a campfire, only larger. 

Then the trial begins. Each one of us enters the flames one at a time, trying to withstand the heat that comes with it. For a whole minute, it is just you and the searing heat around you. Then my turn comes. Hands at my side and taking a deep breath, I step into the fire that reaches high into the sky. The sensation hits in an instant. A million torches being taken to your skin, the pain overwhelming, my heart beating into overdrive. The flames are almost unbearable, but I know what I must do, and what this trial means to me. It may only be a minute, but it felt like an hour in that pit.

After I emerge on the other side, I see the glances of my parents. Usually stoic in nature, they now have smiles on their faces. Going through the trials themselves, they know I went through. And I could tell the smiles were ones of knowing, of confidence, and of the acceptance of their only daughter taking the same path as them. In that moment, I no longer felt like just another person in my tribe. I now have the sense of belonging, that I know that path I'm on is the right one. I may still be young, but I know what the world asks of me, and I intend to answer.

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I do not know why my thoughts continue to swirl around the past. Maybe I miss my true home. Maybe my mind doesn't want to forget. Maybe this, maybe that. I know my journey with the Mortal Guardians has only just begun, but I can't help but feel reminded of the trials that not only proved I had a true belonging with my clan, but also proved to myself that I can belong in this world.

The first Rite of Passage was done. My adolescent self withstood the Eternal Fire and the journey of earning my Sigil and earning my place among my ancestors, who I hold dear to my heart, had begun. But this time wasn't about resisting the flames. It was about controlling them and controlling the energy flowing through our veins. The Dance Of Emberlight, the second of my Rites of Passage, had begun.

One by one, I watch my fellow clan members control the flames with ease, the movement of their bodies a reminder of the delicate balance between our traditions and our home. It was not long after that it was my moment in this sacred rite. I was nervous, but I remember not showing it. Now was not the time to show emotion - now was a time to focus.

I raised my hands, my palms open to the Eternal Fire, and let the natural harmonies of the world guide my movement. It was fluid - I could feel the pounding of the heart in my chest, the beads of sweat on my head - the voices of our ancestors in my head, what this meant to them. What this meant to ME.

Movement after movement, the flames respond to my will. The fire rises high with each passing move, the shapes becoming more intimate - fire-like serpents rising through the air, weaving back and forth, the image of fiery butterflies on my fingertips. Eventually, the weight of the world fell off my shoulders. I no longer felt the pressure that others may have had. I let myself free.

The energy flowed through me like a wave, translating more and more into the fire I was controlling. I could feel the pride, the DETERMINATION, of what I was doing. The flames licked higher against the night sky, a sign of the increasing pride within myself, allowing it to be an extension of myself. This no longer felt like a trial - it just felt NATURAL. I let the excitement take control, creating the shape of a Phoenix, a symbol of rebirth and renewal among our clan. The bright light of the embers illuminate the faces of the others here, all in awe at the shape that was before them. Not only awe, but respect as well.

The end was here. With one final, slow movement, I bring my hands down, palms open as before. And the flames begin to get lower and lower, until the fire becomes nothing more than a small glow. I looked around and saw the smiles of everyone - my clan members, my parents, even my elders giving their approval to the sight they just witnessed. Even the Flamecaller, the head of the clan, had an ever so slight gesture of recognition on their face, recognizing the potential in me.

I knew what I had done. I had earned even more pride not only for myself, but for my clan. The traditions we have, sacred as they may be, are not lost on me. The trials allow us to grow not only as a person, but also in stature. These rites were far from over, but every minute that passed, I can feel the spirit of our ancestors, their energy, flowing through me. And they continue to guide me, even away from my true home. I love with my ancestors with all my heart, and one day I hope to join them in glory.

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