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K'sincara related things

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K'sincara is a Shirren, age unknown, gender unknown, odd kind of person. they have a pet Proog named Squishy that they feed coffee mugs to. 

They are a counselor aboard the Dralark, a ship with unknown but highly suspected purpose that was lost in deep unknown space. 

Recently, K has been put or perhaps put themselves in the leadership position of captain. why? even K doesn't really know. someone has to do it and no one else is stepping up to the task. in K's mind, someone needs to make decisions when there is nothing but bickering. a mediator to help keep people safe and get us home. Therapists/Counselors exist to do this purpose so maybe K will be ok at it? only time will tell.  

Things we know about K'sincara, 

they love Squishy

they have many many different ties that they can pick from when dressing. 

K loves music, loud vision distorting, heavy bass, music. the genre they often pick ranges between edm, heavy metal and classical. K sleeps in a opposite version of a sound deprivation chamber. big speakers and it helps them calm. 

K was working on their dissertation before the forgettining to become a dr in psychology/psychotherapy. now they question why. 

they do food art for relaxation and fun. then eat it because they dont want to waste food. half the time no one really sees the artwork K does. 

K can be VERY scary. 

K can also be VERY convincing for an argument and is often level headed. 

Unlike the others, the memories K has had have been......mundane? calm? kind of sweet? K is not a criminal lol 

one of K's memories was of larval stage in a pod, their host parent listening to music and carving something out of stone. they wished for K to create beautiful art in the world. 
in another K was overhearing an argument between the male/female parents and the host parent. K's grades were excellent but they were absent parents compared to the host and did not agree with the path K was taking in artistic formation over doing something with her gift of understanding social interactions and furthering the diplomatic route. K wanted to do both things, and didnt understand why her parents were so fighty with the host when they were never around.

any questions about K I can try to answer? 



ksincaras room.jpg



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