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Dral'Ark || Lore, general information

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Information about the Dral'Ark: main ship of Homeward's story, current base of operations of the players and their only way back home


As our... "heroes" wake up from their amnesiac slumber, they find themselves in unknown metallic corridors. Now, on their way back home and with each day recovering pieces of who they were, the ship they inhabit might be the closest to home.

The Dral'Ark, its length reaching around the 8,000 feet long, is the only known world they have: all memories bring show that whatever lives they had were tied to this vessel that now holds their only key back to the stars they once knew. Once with a full complement of about 7,000 crew mates, now some of the hallways remain death silent as the ship only posses around 5,300 crewmates.

in its current state, the ship is capable of traversing into the Drift once more, having enough energy to shield itself from the dangers of space travel. Unfortunately, various armor platings are damaged, weapons are inoperational, sensors are damaged, and worse of all: something is causing preventing the Dral'Ark from traversing the Drift in an instant to bring them to Absalom Station at the heart of the Pact Worlds.
With all of that the engineering team has been none stop attempting to get the Assembly back on to repair the ship as they traverse the starts to the Pact Worlds

General Layout:

  1. Command Deck
    1. Bridge
      1. Captain's Quarters
    2. Officer's Lounge (Coffee Room) and Gathering Area
  2. Hangar Decks
    1. Cargo Area
    2. Hangar Maintenance
  3. Engineering First Subsection
    1. Assembly
    2. Auxiliary Computers Room
    3. Weapon Control and Maintenance
  4. General Crew Decks
    1. Crew Quarters
    2. Greenhouse
    3. Main Medical Facilities
    4. Counseling Offices
    5. Water Supply Tanks
  5. Recreational Hall Deck
  6. Engineering Main Section
    1. Core
    2. Main Computer Room
      1. Adjutant Core
  7. Internal Security Decks
    1. Armory
    2. Training Facilities
    3. Brig
  8. Science & Arcane Division
    1. Engineering Subsection 2 || Engines
    2. Auxiliary Engine Controls
  9. Observation Deck
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The Forgetting

I’m fascinated by the different degrees of amnesia. It looks like that most people didn’t have a complete reset. They knew how to speak & read, knew how their body worked, recognized everyday objects & remembered how they work.
People also recognized their abilities/jobs. Medical knowledge, computer and engineering skills, etc. 


What about their instinct? Some people work to repress some parts of themselves to fit in or work on putting themselves out of their comfort zone. How does that work?


Do people have filters or do things just come out of their mouths like K’sincara?


I imagine some people retreat while others seek solace in company of others. Did the people go back to work? Did they recognize they were needed or did they go to work to fill their need to do something that felt familiar? Try to find a routine? 

Families that do not recognize each other, but live in the same place. How do they navigate the living arrangements? How do they try to rebuild what was lost?


What if they find someone new? New friends & lovers. If any of the memories come back, how do they deal with the consequences??


Will assholes still be assholes? 

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Operations: Hierarchy and Support Systems. 

Have they set up a hierarchy on the ship? Did they recognize the need for that? How do they determine who reports to who?? How do they coordinate this through chaos?

How is the information communicated through the entire city? Who decides on what gets communicated and to who?


Are there support systems set up for those dealing with trauma?? The therapists and doctors are going to need a way to make sure they don’t burn out?


Are the laws posted somewhere so people follow them? Were there looters? 

What about the underground people? Dealers, smugglers, thieves? 

Who polices the police? Are there judges/juries? Lawyers?



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Dral’Ark: Daily Operations on the ship

Does economy exist? How does it work? Are there rich & poor people?? Elite vs common? 

How much supplies were on board if it was heading towards Absalom Station? Are there outposts that are established that they could have visited along the way?


What happens to the living quarters & personal belongings of the dead? With the limited resources, will they become communal property?


Do people own businesses? Ex: the bookstore where K’sincara finds herself, does that belong to the city? Who will monitor it from the looters?


Do people still get salaries or is it allotments? 

Is there a universal translators for people who are not capable of speaking and do not want to communicate via telepathy? 

Are there mediators to solve conflicts/arguments?






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Dral’Ark: Operations - Physical Setting

With different races that vary in sizes and physical attributes, how did the architects build the city?

1. Ramps vs stairs?

2. Chairs and tables that lift & lower? 

3. Universal translators?

4. Different sized living quarters and furniture?

5. Schools - general studies or specific courses based on career choices?

6. With the size of the ship & population, is it broken into districts? A small city within the city like New York City?

7. There are three trains and elevators for transportation. Are there any other mode of transportation? Bicycles segways, taxis, emergency vehicles?


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Dral’Ark: Operations - Behind the Scene

1. What happens to waste products? Biological as well as material. 

2. How are the air and water produced & recycled?

3. With limited resources, what kind of restrictions are set up for citizens? Clothing, food, water, non essential?

4. How are the materials for repairs gathered/created?

5. Are instructional manuals available?

6. Is there a day/night cycle onboard??

7. What about recreational areas? What types of recreational events/equipments are available?

8. Have the mechanical tubes and restricted areas been cleared for zombies? 

9. Food supplies how well equipped is the hydroponics? Are there animals on board for consumption?

10. Are there facilities that make essential items on board? Ex: Toilet papers and paper towels. Soap, medicine, etc. 

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