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Dral'Ark Bridge Officers, Chief Operations Officers and Notable Crew (List of NPC aboard the Dral'Ark)

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Captain Argus - Human male, silver hair || MIA

First Officer Cornellius - Human || Found death and transformed in the captain's quarters.

Legatus Kreltuan - dragonkin || first in command of the Skyfire Detachment on board the Dral'Ark

Centurion Mhegon - winterborn ryphorian || second in command of the Skyfire Detachment Dral'Ark

Operations Officer Vohivel - damaya lashunta || Currently in charge or logistics and organizing the ship

Communications Officer Alduri  - brenneri || in charge of communications within and without the ship

Helm Officer C'tiks - young shirren

Navigator Egeslaz - low gravity vesk

Bridge Science Officer - Nullodeous McPherson

Chief Engineering Officer Kumar - half orc

Hangar Chief Engineer Tarasen - kasatha

Dral’Ark Adjutant “Ady” - AI and ship Computer administrator



Botanist Plucuaor - khizar botanist

Arcane Science Office Eluria - human technomancer || current officer organizing the Science & Arcane division



Doctor Nincist - shirren main doctor of the ship 

Nurse Lorenas - half elf, part of the medical team in the infirmary of the habitational area



Lieutenant Varsaj - vesk || Armory Security Officer and K's book friend

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