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Miz’s Letters

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Mizgos has written several letters in advance of the eventual calling of his patron. Planned under the protection of a ring of mind shielding, managed in secret, and distributed at the moment’s notice. Below is the list of sealed letters written out and who they are intended for.

Artem #1:



As we may or may not have discussed, it seems my borrowed time has run out. I need to enact a hunt and possible destruction of my patron to keep my end of things from spilling into guild safety. I request a select few to assist me in these endeavors, though with ongoing operations I understand this may not be the most available request, I will defer to you with regards to assignment and availability. If not discussed, please cover this hunt as a separate mission, so that this seems more standard, as the option appears, I will inform those with us of the situation and the severity, I will also utilize available external dealings to help ensure the safety of those selected. Consider this a formal request for guild assistance and charge me how you see fit, given the circumstances. I will provide two letters along with this one. If the situation presents itself (you will know the signs) please open the one addressed to you, as it will have additional information regarding the situation, as well as a letter for Syllin, to do the same with. If the events unfold where this is not necessary, I will collect the letters and that will be the end of it.

Best Regards,



Artem #2:



Things have gone south. At best, my patron is dead, and the team believes me dead to. Theres a chance I did not account for something, and I might be. If the vase I gave you on my anniversary of employment is broken, I’m still alive, (sorry about that, I will replace it when the time allows it, this was a bit of an insurance policy and there were only so many safe keeping options.)

The information included in this is known only to myself, anyone that might have caught me preparing this (which I believe is no one), and now you. If I am still alive, I have moved myself to a Mirror of Life Trapping I had ordered through Jerico through the Guild’s magic item program. It is contained in the Guild’s magic item repository, under canvas, and tucked away so that it is likely impossible to find or discern. For the safety of the guild, the city, and those close to me, do not break this mirror until it is absolutely confirmed my patron is dead. Allow those close to me to believe me dead and let that be the end of my story until such time the situation permits it. This applies to everyone. Please clean up your office before anyone returns.

Until we meet again,


Ms. Pont:


To: Pont
From the Desk Of: Mizgos Juldeka, Mortal Guardian, Captain of the Kraken’s Argosies, Protector of The Forest, Vaarelixian’s Bane, The Truwu Heru, Honorary member of The Dancing Swell, Member of The Meat Hack, Autumnal Preserver

With Regards To: Cashing in Favors


Ms. Pont,
                Please consider this a formal written notice of collection of due favors in the form of services requested. The services are as follows:

1. Assistance of combat for a patron in the matter of ending a magically binding contract with regards to Warlock Patron “The One That Waits Below” (Hereinafter “Patron”)

2. Teleportation services for allies, both Guild (Mortal Guardians) related and otherwise before or after the eradication of Patron. This will be required at will and must be available at a moment’s notice for the execution of this contract.

3. A Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding the contents of this contract, to all parties internal or external. If services rendered expose any parties to possible breaches of this NDA, you are permitted to provide knowledge on a need-to-know basis.

4. An Exclusivity deal for the duration of this contract. As long as services requested remain unfilled, your person and abilities will be made available for use and assistance. At such time all requested tasks are reasonably fulfilled, this exclusivity period will be ended.

Section 2 of this agreement requires upmost priority and should be considered the main body of this agreement. If this service is not rendered, the contract will be considered void and in default. If the safe exfiltration of guild members is provided before the destruction of Patron, services regarding this contract will be considered rendered in full. If any terms presented are unreasonable, please mark edits in red, and return this contract to me at next earliest convenience for discussion of terms for immediate negotiation and signing. If the terms are agreeable, sign on the provided line below and return to me at next meeting.

Yours Truly,

Mizgos Juldeka

Mortal Guardian, Captain of the Kraken’s Argosies, Protector of The Forest, Vaarelixian’s Bane, The Truwu Heru, Honorary member of The Dancing Swell, Member of The Meat Hack, Autumnal Preserver

Signed By:





Hey Kiddo,

                If you’re reading this, I’m gone. Things with my magic ran its course, and what had to happen, happened. You’ll be in a good spot, life wise, to never work again if you chose. You and I both know that that isn’t in your playbook. My hope is that you’ll at least finish schooling before you begin breaking out into the world. I know you’ve told me that you feel schooling is “part of the system” and “constricting your freedom” but know that its important, and I’ve worked to provide you with something I couldn’t have growing up. Book smarts and street smarts can only get you so far individually, but together they’ll take you everywhere. When my will comes, you will have my adventuring gear, my fleet, and my funds (minus some for various others in the will, we Juldeka make right by those we owe, whether it’s known or unknown), I assume there might be some that say leaving all that to a girl of your age is dumb. I call those people dumb in return. So long as the Fleet keeps the peace, you will be respecting my wishes with it.

Know that I love you. You were one of the most unexpected additions to my short time since washing up in Winterveiled, but you were and are the crown jewel of everything dear to me. In times of uncertainty, you gave me a focus. I would trade it all to ensure your safety. I know you’ll go on to do incredible things, and all that stands between you and greatness is time.

Be good to Ula, Artem, and all those in the Guild. I know they are like extended family, and I know some are better than others, but family is family. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and if you do, don’t get caught.

Till the next pass, my little guiding star.

Deepest Love,



Miz’s Last Will and Testament


I, Mizgos Juldeka, A Resident of Winterveild, Velanaura, declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, and Revoke all Previous wills and codicils made by me, either jointly or severally.


A.      I am of (reasonably) sound mind and of legal age to make this Last Will.

B.      This Last Will expresses my wishes without undue influence or duress.

C.      At the time of executing this Last Will I am married to Ula, of the Mortal Guardians.

D.      At the time of executing this Last Will I declare Syllin Juldeka as my sole child and heir.


I hereby Nominate, Constitute, and appoint Artem, Guild Leader of the Mortal Guardians, as the Executor of this will. If He is unwilling or unable, I appoint his next in command.


I direct that all my debts and expenses of my last living days be due and payable including funeral, memorial, and burial expenses, and any expenses outlined in this Will. The expenses of the administration of my estate, inheritance, and all other forms of personal ownership, to be removed from the total sum of my remaining statements and appoint and authorize my appointed Executor to settle and discharge all claims made against my estate. The only debt I leave outstanding is my current bar tab with all bars, taverns, and other drinking establishments owned by The Dancing Swell. I hereby declare they will have to figure out that collection elsewhere.


It is my personal request that, in the event there is anything left of me, that no magics, necromantic or otherwise, be utilized to raise me back to the land of the living. I also request that my remains be cremated, and spread at sea, preferably in seasons of warmth, and at high sun. If there are no remains of me, this step can be skipped.

Regardless of the outcome of my remains, I request a Guild run service, available for open attendance, with a memorial service be held at the time requested of the spreading of ashes. May a headstone of a large stone from the sea be etched with my name, and the epitaph “Captain to some, Friend to Many” be put on the pier of the Mortal Guardian’s Docks down in the Winterveiled Port. After the service, may there be a catered wake at the guild hall, expenses covered by my estate.


                Below is a list of final words, gifts, wishes, and other manner of last offs. Those below are within their rights to deny assignment, however rude or unsightly to the Juldeka Estate.

To my wife, Ula: You were a rock in my most uncertain times. Your patience, kindness, and positivity were something that I could always count on, however undeserved it may be. You helped to show me the good in strangers, and the chances they deserve. I leave to you the small stone sculpture of me. I am not sure where it came from, but I hope that it helps you remember me, the same way I will never forget you. I also leave you my patch to the Dancing Swell. They were a group that offered me comfort after long days and hard fights, I trust that this patch will offer you the same comforts, albeit under different circumstances.

To my daughter, Syllin: I leave my fortune, minus all expenses from this will, my Fleet of the Kraken’s Argosies, and my adventuring gear. You are and will always be my little firecracker. I have written you another note, that Artem will be sure to give you. Shine bright, Starlight.

To Syndri: I am aware that our relationship was tense. In all fairness, I don’t believe I fully expressed why. I saw you as an arcane rival, someone of great discipline and focus, as well as intellect. I have had a deep respect for you, despite any ill meaning jokes or rumors I had floating around the guild hall. To you, I leave one fine wizard hat, something that highlights your high study and reach to the arcane arts. I give this hat in earnest and wish you nothing but the finest in your future endeavors. No expense is spared on this, please get whatever you desire and let Artem know the cost.

To Neri: You have done so well with your family. I wish I could have been brave enough to do the same. I know you likely have everything you want, so what I must give can only be a burden. To you, I leave the tile of Protector of The Forest. I know this was a point of contention between us, and to be fair I firmly believe you deserved it more than I did. I bestow this rite to you, and all its duties and privileges, including the priority carriage parking space near every wooded land. My only hope is that this does not interfere with your home life, as you deserve the happiness that comes with it. Best wishes, and I hope the woods does not cause you too much trouble with the new responsibilities.

To Kail: I always felt that you were one of the closest relations I had in the Mortal Guardians. Another sea faring Tiefling who dealt with a similar sea faring patron. Your love of fishing and the Sea helped me suppress my fears of what lied under the waves. I leave to you a Keelboat, to be crafted in your design and decision, for your future fishing endeavors. May it sail true and stay afloat beneath your feet. May your fishing be bountiful, and your catches worth the effort of bringing them in.

To Evindel: You always were full of yourself. God forbid a speck of dust get on you. The people we work with are not idiots… mostly. In all seriousness, you were someone in the guild from another walk of life, but someone who has been akin to a brother. From the beginning, I knew if I was assigned to a job with you, that was one less thing I had to worry about. To you, I leave from my belongings something for the Elf that has it all, A Hangman’s Noose of gold, for someone who could always share in my stints in gallows humor. I also leave to you my bottle of Absuroony, allegedly the realms best alcohol. My only regret with it is that we didn’t open it together to try. I hope that you’ll be charitable and share my drink of it with those you know I would get along with.

To my Mom and Dad: Surprise, I suppose! I have been alive this whole time, and busy. I feel I did well, I can only hope that I did good by you both. I hope you take the time to meet my family, both direct and extended, they’re good people, and they took me in when I don’t think anyone else would. Let them all know back home your son owned a fleet, he fought monsters, cults, and tyrants. His magic did good by those he cared about. To you both, I leave a Sailing Ship, Paid for in full, to do with as you please, to be built in your design and image. May the Juldeka name be one of respect. Its hard to believe I went from dock worker to Captain of my own fleet, even after everything. I am sorry that this is how you found out I have passed.

To Artem: You were a fine boss. You were someone I could depend on and trust in to not send me to my death. You were always caring, confident, and put your players before your pockets.

To those not named above: The Mortal Guardians have been a new family that took me in at my rock bottom. For those that feel they are owed, please talk to my family, Ula and Syllin, they will be able to settle things better than any document could. For those that feel they are not, know that a favor is always there. To the Dancing Swell, you all were fast and loose, and nothing I would change about it. In another life, I likely would have been under your banner, but this was not that life. Thank you for the usual seat, the usual drinks, the usual meals, and the usual company. It made my time in the line of work that much more bearable. High Tankards and High Tides to all of you, may the wind be in your sails.


With This final signature, I confirm that all writing above is legally binding and sorted. Let what is here be done. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mizgos Juldeka


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