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Masters of the Shadowvoid - Act 1, Episode 03: "A Course on Jealousy

Dearest Lolth, I wish to update you on my state of affairs. A devious halfling recruited a few

... interesting... adventurers and I to rescue five incompetent knights and extinguish a looming threat.

During the panic there were... two *erases passage furiously upon remembering the girls* ...






During a lapse of judgment I fear I've felt... sympathy... for a weakened fiend and allowed my body, your temple

to be violated. I... am mortified... and I shall impose lashing upon myself to express my sincerest sorrow from straying

from your devious darkness.


I shall try to live closer to your divinity, my queen.  Lolth be praised, all victory is her doing.


Level: 2
Experience: 2 (close to 3)
Coin: 80pp, 430gp - 1230 gold - [PP: (2 x 2 x 8) x 2.5 GP: (2 x 2 x 43) x 2.5]
Magic items: Tattered mage outfit (flavor item taken from corpse) x7 Dusk of Dryness

Bought -

x2 Tattoo Cantrips  - 120 GP

x1 Level 1 Tattoos  - 150 GP

x1 Ruby of the War Mage - 60 GP



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