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From a northern region of the world, Mizgos grew up in a reserved, quiet town. While his blood was often not accepted in by the populace, the dock workers always needed an extra set of hands. It was a good way to bring in extra money for his family, and the port master's daughter always gave Mizgos something to work towards, pocketing away extra coin where he could to possibly take her on a date. As he grew older, Mizgos was more comfortable chatting up ship captains, until he was able to convince one to let him jump from dock work to ship work. The business was grueling but the pay was worth it to him. The day that set him apart from his crew is the day his arcana came to him, in a mild storm, Mizgos noticed the ship begin to take damage beyond what would be expected from wind and ice. He began to tap into magic to keep the ship together, until the storm passed. The captain noticed this, and thanked him for his service of saving the ship, but knew that he could not discuss it with anyone else, as the town believed all magics as witchcraft. he had secured a permanent spot on the crew, however, and moved from contractual pay to cut of the shares.

One expedition found Mizgos's crew sailing by night in the northern seas, transporting cargo. the lookout had fallen asleep, and the bow of the ship struck ice. Water surged through the hull of the vessel. Miz ran to try and help repair the damage, but the hole in the ship was too great, and the bells rang to abandon ship. The icy sea quickly swallowed the crew, its paralyzing cold keeping them from staying afloat. Mizgos began to sink, his lungs screaming, looking for an alternative to the inky depths that dragged him down. His vision began to tunnel, when he saw something gaze at him from the depths. A giant eye, a rectangular pupil wreathed in a flaming orange iris. A voice listlessly drifted through his mind, offering him survival for service. Without many alternatives and his lungs screaming for air, Mizgos agreed. He awoke on the shore with no sign of his crew members, a stone disk with a hole in the center in his hand, and one of his eyes matching that of the eye that gazed at him from the depths.

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MIzgos is a red skinned Tiefling with short, pushed back stark white hair. His horns come from the top of his forehead and sweep back over his skull, ending with the points curving back upwards. Standing 6' 11" and weighing 165 Lbs. Mizgos often wears clothes that are accustomed to seafaring, mostly consisting of light, airy materials and leathers. He has adapted studded leather into his adventuring gear and co-opted the look to meet his oceanic tastes. He wears the stone given to him by his patron as a necklace, a stone with a hole worked through it via sea currents, keeping his spellcasting focus on him at all times. Mizgos wears a leather eyepatch over his right eye, filigreed with a silver octopus over his eye given to him by his patron, as he feels that it can make people feel unsettled or standoffish, and he finds the eyepatch makes social interactions overall easier. Mizgos is not one to shy away from jewelry, sporting several rings of various metals and materials, a few ear piercings including wrapped bands around the helix, gold bands wrapped around his devils tail, and gold caps on the end of his horns.

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height adjusted from wild magic surge
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Current Stock:

Platinum: 13,756

Gold: 106,301

Silver: 5

Copper: 97

EXP: 0/10 (level 20)


Potion Of Dragon's Majesty

Scroll of the Comet

Universal Solvent

Potion Of Vitality

Astral Shard (rare, magically grafted to a bracelet)

Cloak of Displacement (rare)

Potion of Healing (Superior)

Feywild Shard (uncommon, magically grafted to an earring)

Keoghtom's Ointment x 2 (7 charges total)

Oil Of Slipperiness x 2

Pixie Dust

Potion of Fire Breath

Potion of Resistance x 2 (Poison x 1) (Psychic x 1)

Ring of Mind Shielding (uncommon)

Arcane Focus (A small stone with a hole in the center, a leather chord has been added to make it a necklace.)

Clothes, Common

Dagger x 3

Potion of Healing x 2

Rope, Silk (50 ft.)

Snozzberry Pie

Studded Leather


Backpack (and Storage):

Mirror of Life Trapping

A golden hangman's noose that feels heavier than it should

Absuroony (mead)


Cloth-of-gold Vestments (25gp)

Dancing Swell Patch

Embroidered silk handkerchief (25gp)

Guild Title: Vaarelixian’s Bane

Guild Title: The Truwu Heru

Lapis Lazuli (10gp)

Meat Hack patch

Mess Kit

Nice Shoes (Jimmy Chu's)

Obsidian (10gp)

Poison, Basic (vial)

Potion Bottle of Black Ichor

Rations (1 day) x 7

Golden braided wire (50 ft.)


Torch x 10

Vaarelixian Signet Ring

Waterskin (full of beer)

Bone dice set (25gp)

Mask (art piece) (25gp)

pocketful of candy

Potion of Invisibility

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