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The Deep Dive Inn


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A great place to hang out and be with friends. Listen to Band and enjoy the drinks. 

Tell tales of adventures past and discuss the hopes of the future. We welcome everyone. Hope to see you all soon and have safe travels adventurers. 

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The Deep Dive inn is a modest 2 story building of timber walls, It has 5 modest rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. (1gp a night)

As you walk in and have your first look at The Deep Dive Inn you notice and very homely type atmosphere. There is a roaring fire in the hearth and a large Bugbear playing a lute next to it.

You notice several adventurers having drinks and talking amongst themselves at one of the few wooden tables available in the space.

The bar is made of sturdy woods with some stools. But seems well stocked from the barrels behind it on the wall. 


Steamed Trout with herbs, Glass of Brandy (4 sp)

Steamed Pheasant with Garlic and Soft Cheese, Glass of Whisky (5 sp)

Baked Cod with Saffron and Chestnut Bread, Glass of Mead (4 sp)

Braised Lamb with Garlic and Millet Biscuits, Glass of Rum (7 sp)


Brandy (2sp)

Whiskey (1sp)

Mead (5cp)

Rum (2sp)

Wine - prices vary depending on what we have

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