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Yorrick "Bloodspurt" Daergel


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Yorrick "Bloodspurt" Daergel

Deep Gnomes, also known as Svirfneblin, are very rarely seen above ground, tending to stay within the Underdark. Yorrick wanted more than a life hidden away, felt a call to do something deeper, better. Due to his upbringing underground, he had knowledge of rock work and was proficient with mason's tools, which he utilized as a creative outlet in sculpting. He was brought into a magic school of sorts as a younger age(young for Svirfneblin, anyway) and honed more of his masonry and sculpting skills, even learning how to put on a bit of a show while doing so, though it was never his strongest point. But he worked his way through the school, learning a little magic along the way.

However, his lean has always been a bit more martial and, some might see, as taboo. He got his nickname, Bloodspurt, in the Underdark when he learned he could use his blood to aid some of his combat abilities. And he found pleasure in hunting down the evils that plagued the underdark, and so decided to see if he could help the surface as well. He can be a little unnerving to deal with, but his intentions are good.




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EXP: 3800/6500

GP: 30 PP 1900 GP

Episode 6 complete!

Sold a dagger to Aban for 50gp

Yorrick sells:

A plain Rapier for 12 gp 5 sp

Yorrick Buys:

A Mule (8gp)

Military Saddle (20gp)

Chain Shirt Barding (200gp)

2 Silvery Barbs Spellwrought Tattoos(300gp)

Total cost minus sold rapier: 515gp 5sp


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